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Mac and Me


Released 1988

Stewart Raffill = Director

R. J. Louis = Producer

Mark Damon = Executive Producer

William B. Kerr = Executive Producer

Christine Ebersole as Janet Cruise

Jonathan Ward as Michael Cruise

Katrina Caspary as Courtney

Lauren Stanley as Debbie

Jade Calegory as Eric Cruise

Vinnie Torrente as Mitford

Martin West as Wickett

Ivan Jorge Rado as Zimmerman

Danny Cooksey as Jack Jr

Laura Waterbury as Linda

Jack Eiseman as Splatter Car Driver

Barbara Allyne-Bennet as Scientist

Richard Bravo as Mover #1

Gary Brockette as Doctor #2

Sherri Stone Butler as Checkout Girl

Joseph Chapman as Doctor

Sheila Chambers as Girl #2 in Car

Alyce Coleman as Girl #1 in Car

John Curtin as Control Room Chief

Andrew Divoff as Policeman #2

James C. Duke as Sears Store Manager

Bud Ekins as Gardener

George 'Buck' Flower as Security Guard

Raymond Forchion as Police Officer #1

Tom Fuccello as Mr. Ryan

Ernie Fuentes as Store Manager

Michael Geary as Technician #3

Heather Green as Mars Sister

J. D. Hall as Mover #2

Roger Hampton as Water & Power Man

Dixon Harding as Kid

Christopher Law as Air Force Major

Mayah McCoy as Dancing Double for Mac

Elena Moure as Mars Mother

Buckley Norris as Highway Man

Jack Ong as Technician #2

J. Jay Saunders as Judge

Lowell Sexton as Counter Man

Sean Simmons as Sheriff's Deputy

Sterling Swanson as Police Captain

Jack David Walker as Mars Father

Richard Wright as Elrod

Squire Fridell as Ronald McDonald

Dee Caspary as Dancer in McDonald's (uncredited)

Nikki Cox as Dancer (uncredited)

Gigi Hunter as Dance Contestant in Red (uncredited)

Dominic Lucero as Dancer (uncredited)

Mark L. Walker as Helicopter Co-Pilot (uncredited)

Allen Coulter as Alien Puppeteer

Steven H. James as Alien Puppeteer

Frank Charles Lutkus III as Alien Puppeteer

David Matherly as Alien Puppeteer

David Arthur Nelson as Alien Puppeteer

Loren Soman as Alien Puppeteer

Christopher Swift as Alien Puppeteer

Nelson Brock Winkless IV as Alien Puppeteer

Erin Wilkinson as Stunt Double

Fernando Celis as Stuntperson

Gary Jensen as Stuntperson

Linda Lee Arvidson as Stuntperson

Patrick E. Johnson as Stuntperson

Billy Bates as Stuntperson

Gene LeBell as Stuntperson

Pamela Bebermeyer as Stuntperson

Al Lee as Stuntperson

Clarke Coleman as Stuntperson

Dennis Madalone as Stuntperson

Bud Ekins as Stuntperson

Paula M. Moody as Stuntperson

Gloria Fiormonte as Stuntperson

Bobby Porter as Stuntperson

James W. Gavin as Stunt Pilot

Marvin Walters as Stuntperson

John Gillespie as Stuntperson

Dick Ziker as Stuntperson

Armando Guerrero as Stuntperson

Karl Wickman as Helicopter Pilot

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