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Made In America


Released 1993

Richard Benjamin = Director

Arnon Milchan = Producer

Michael Douglas = Producer

Rick Bieber = Producer

Suzanne Rothbaum = Associate Producer

Patrick J. Palmer = Co-Producer

Steven Reuther = Co-Executive Producer

Nadine Schiff = Executive Producer

Marcia Brandwynne = Executive Producer

Whoopi Goldberg as Sarah Mathews

Ted Danson as Halbert 'Hal' Jackson

Will Smith as Tea Cake Walters

Nia Long as Zora Mathews

Paul Rodriguez as Jose

Jennifer Tilly as Stacy

Peggy Rea as Alberta

Clyde Kusatsu as Bob Takashima

David Bowe as Teddy

Jeffrey Joseph as James

Rawley Valverde as Diego

Fred Mancuso as Bruce

Charlene Fernetz as Paula

Shawn Levy as Dwayne

Lu Leonard as Sperm Bank Nurse

Joe Lerer as Hospital Doctor

Janice Edwards as Hospital Nurse

Michael McFall as Hospital Intern

Phyllis Avery as White Woman #1

Frances Bergen as White Woman #2

O'Neal Compton as Rocky

Michael Halton as Stew

William John Murphy as P.A. #1

Ross Benjamin as P.A. #2

Mel Stewart as Principal Rockwell

David E. Kazanjian as Mr. Alden

James Cranna as Person at Car Lot

Shannon Orrock as Wife at Car Lot

Alexandra Joy Cuccia as Child at Car Lot

Chikako Felper as Japanese Woman #1

Patricia Jow as Japanese Woman #2

Raquel Osborne as Woman in Sushi Bar

James Anthony Cotton as Man with Beer

Miyuki Takei as Sushi Waitress

Akihide 'Bo' Fujiyama as Sushi Chef

Gregory Fields as Rapper

Meashell McCann as Rapper

Antoine Foote as Rapper

Jeffrey Russell as Rapper

Norma Smith as Player (uncredited)

Rico E. Anderson as Man in Sushi Bar (uncredited)

Judy Thompson as Bikini Model (uncredited)

A'da Alison Woolfolk as Sushi Bar Patron (uncredited)

Kevin Bailey as Stuntperson

LaFaye Baker as Stuntperson

Gregory J. Barnett as Stuntperson

Dan Bell as Stuntperson

Robin Lynn Bonaccorsi as Stuntperson

Rocky Capella as Stuntperson

Lisa K. Dempsey as Stuntperson

Annie Ellis as Stuntperson

Richard M. Ellis as Stuntperson

Tommy J. Huff as Stuntperson

Keith Jones as Stuntperson

Kevin Larson as Stuntperson

Willie Leong as Stuntperson

Steve E. Martin as Stuntperson

Johnny Martin as Stuntperson

Mike Martinez as Stuntperson

Tim C. Meredith as Stuntperson

Jeff Mosley as Stuntperson

David D. Renaud as Stuntperson

R. A. Rondell as Stuntperson

Kym Washington as Stuntperson

Dick Ziker as Stuntperson

Candace Crump as Sarah Stand-in

Michael Sax as Hal Stand-in

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