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Mad Max

Beyond Thunderdome


Released 1985

George Miller = Director

George Ogilvie = Director

George Miller = Producer

Steve Amezdroz = Associate Producer

Marcus D'Arcy = Associate Producer

Doug Mitchell = Co-Producer

Terry Hayes = Co-Producer

Mel Gibson as Max Rockatansky

Bruce Spence as Jedediah the Pilot

Adam Cockburn as Jedediah Jr.

Tina Turner as Aunty Entity

Frank Thring as The Collector

Angelo Rossitto as Master

Paul Larsson as Blaster

Angry Anderson as Ironbar & Stuntperson

Robert Grubb as Pig Killer

George Spartels as Blackfinger

Edwin Hodgeman as Dr. Dealgood

Bob Hornery as Waterseller

Andrew Oh as Ton Ton Tattoo

Ollie Hall as Aunty's Guard & Stuntperson

Lee Rice as Aunty's Guard

Max Worrall as Aunty's Guard

Susan Leonard as Aunty's Guard

Robert Simper as Aunty's Guard

Virginia Wark as Aunty's Guard

Ray Turnbull as Aunty's Guard

Brian Ellison as Aunty's Guard

Geeling Ng as Aunty's Guard

Gerard Armstrong as Aunty's Guard

Helen Buday as Savannah Nix

Mark Spain as Mr. Skyfish

Mark Kounnas as Gekko

Rod Zuanic as Scrooloose

Justine Clarke as Anna Goanna

Shane Tickner as Eddie & Stuntperson

Toni Allaylis as Cusha, the Pregnant Girl

James Wingrove as Tubba Tintye

Adam Scougall as Finn McCoo

Tom Jennings as Slake

Gerry D'Angelo as Hunter

Travis Latter as Hunter

Miguel López as Hunter

Paul Daniel as Hunter

Tushka (Bergen) Hose as Guardian

Emily Stocker as Guardian

Sandie Lillingston as Guardian

Adam Willits as Mr. Scratch

Ben Chesterman as Gatherer

Liam Nikkinen as Gatherer

Dan Chesterman as Gatherer

Christopher Norton as Gatherer

Katharine Cullen as Gatherer

Heilan Robertson as Gatherer

Gabriel Dilworth as Gatherer

Hugh Sands as Gatherer

Rebekah Elmaloglou as Gatherer

Marion Sands as Gatherer

Shari Flood as Gatherer

Kate Tatar as Gatherer

Rachael Graham as Gatherer

Pega Williams as Gatherer

Emma Howard as Gatherer

Tarah Williams as Gatherer

Joanna McCarroll as Gatherer

Daniel Willits as Gatherer

Toby Messiter as Gatherer

Tonya Wright as Gatherer

Charlie Kenney as Little One

Amanda Nikkinen as Little One

Flynn Kenney as Little One

Luke Panic as Little One

William Manning as Little One

James Robertson as Little One

Adam McCreadie as Little One

Sally Morton as Little One

Margaret Cardin as Woman on the Thunderdome (uncredited)

David Buchanan as Gatherer (uncredited)

Margaret Dupre as Barter Town Girl (uncredited)

James Napier as Little One (uncredited)

Glen Boswell as Key Stuntperson

Dennis Williams as Stuntperson

David Thomas as Stuntperson

Tamas Svegedi as Stuntperson

Don Vaughan as Stuntperson

Fiona McConchie as Stuntperson

Russell Allan as Stuntperson

Scott J. Ateah as Stuntperson

Kerry Blakeman as Stuntperson

Phil Brock as Stuntperson

Steve Brown as Stuntperson

Spike Cherrie as Stuntperson

Ros Chigjey as Stuntperson

Jade Clayton as Stuntperson

Danial Donai as Stuntperson

Brian Ellison as Stuntperson

John Fogwell as Stuntperson

Stephen Fyfield as Stuntperson

Zenda Graves as Stuntperson

Rikki Van Gyen as Stuntperson

Jeanot Lagarrigue as Stuntperson

Olivier Lejus as Stuntperson

Paul Lennon as Stuntperson

Ian Lind as Stuntperson

Ken Moroney as Stuntperson

Kevin Nagel as Stuntperson

Rangi Nikora as Stuntperson

Allan Oberholzer as Stuntperson

Chris Olley as Stuntperson

John Pasternak as Stuntperson

Wayne Please as Stuntperson

Michael Read as Stuntperson

Arch Roberts as Stuntperson

Robert Simper as Stuntperson

Fred Welsh as Stuntperson

Vic Wilson as Stuntperson

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