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Magic in the Water


Released 1995

Rick Stevenson = Director

William Stevenson = Producer

Matthew O'Connor = Producer

Christian Loubek = Associate Producer

Karen Murphy = Executive Producer

Tony Allard = Executive Producer

Mark Harmon as Jack Black

Joshua Jackson as Joshua Black

Harley Jane Kozak as Dr. Wanda Bell

Sarah Wayne as Ashley Black

Willie Nark-Orn as Hiro

Frank Sotonoma Salsedo as Uncle Kipper

Morris Panych as Mack Miller

Ben Cardinal as Joe Pickled Trout

Adrien Dorval as Wright Hardy

Mark Acheson as Lefty Hardy

Anthony Towe as Taka

John Procaccino as Frank

Tom Cavanagh as Simon, Patient #1

Garrett Bennett as Christian, Patient #2

Brian Finney as Bug-Eyes, Patient #3

David Rasche as Phillip, Patient #4

Tamsin Kelsey as Sheriff Stevenson

Benjamin Ratner as FX Man

Lesley Ewen as Private Nurse

William Sasso as Shy Young Orderly

Teryl Rothery as Beth

Norma Jean Wick as Reporter

Nathan Begg as Kid in Cowboy Hat

Phillip Baer as Boy in Boat

Peter Baer as Boy in Boat

Elise Wayne as Girl in Tutu

Cole Halleran as Boy on Leash

Orky as Himself

Shane Meier as Kid with earings (uncredited)

Jim Dunn as Jack Stunt Double

Sabrina Sandberg as Ashley Stunt Double

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