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The Maiden Heist


Released 2009

Peter Hewitt = Director

Lori McCreary = Producer

Rob Paris = Producer

Bob Yari = Producer

Cory McCrum Abdo = Associate Producer

Kim H. Winther = Co-Producer

Morgan Freeman = Executive Producer

Michael LeSieur = Executive Producer

Peter Hewitt = Executive Producer

Brad Jenkel = Executive Producer

Dennis Brown = Executive Producer

David Glasser = Executive Producer

William J. Immerman = Executive Producer

Christopher Walken as Roger Barlow

Joseph McKenna as Lead Villain

Wynn Everett as Docent

Patricia B. Till as Rude Museum Patron

Marcia Gay Harden as Rose Barlow

Bhavesh R. Patel as Donnie

Todd Weeks as Curator

Philip Dorn Hebert as Needlebaum

Morgan Freeman as Charles Peterson

William H. Macy as George McLendon

Jim Chiros as Sculptor

Breckin Meyer as Starving Artist

Stephen E. Stapinski as Bob

Bates Wilder as Warehouse Foreman

Anthony M. Cascio as Tony Bargello

Naheem R. Garcia as Shipping Supervisor

David J. Curtis as Humming Security Guard

Bart A. Piscitello Jr. as Pauly

James Welu as Museum Executive

Christy Scott Cashman as Assistant Museum Director

Peter Darrigo as Phil

Douglass Bowen Flynn as Danish Guard

Eric Hofer as Danish Guard (uncredited)

Lawrence Hollie as Pedestrian (uncredited)

Ellen Becker-Gray as Woman in Boston Public Gardens (uncredited)

Beau C. Bedugnis as Adam Roffman (uncredited)

Eric Bruno Borgman as Rick (uncredited)

Burke Bryant as Brian (uncredited)

Gail Bugeja as City Dweller & SUV Driver (uncredited)

Vic Clay as Janitor (uncredited)

Desiree April Connolly as Museum Goer & City Dweller (uncredited)

Michael Anthony Coppola as Security Guard (uncredited)

Elisangela DiAlencar as Museum Goer (uncredited)

Roger Dillingham Jr. as Player (uncredited)

Vincent J. Earnshaw as Museum Patron & Public Garden Pedistrian (uncredited)

Scott C England as Museum Executive (uncredited)

Keith Fluker as Art Dealer (uncredited)

David J. Garfield as Shipping Manager (uncredited)

Albert Gornie as Warehouse Employee (uncredited)

Sophya Gudelman as Car Driver (uncredited)

Patrick Mel Hayes as Warehouse Manager (uncredited)

Mark Hemphill as Shipping Company Personnel & Van Passenger (uncredited)

Edmund J. Janas as City Dweller (uncredited)

Kimmie Johnson as Park Goer (uncredited)

Haytham Kandil as Art Buyer (uncredited)

Glenn W. Kane as Pedestrian (uncredited)

Dan Marshall as Museum Visitor & Arts Fair Artist w/Booth (uncredited)

Robert Masiello as Pedestrian (uncredited)

Todd Mello as Security Guard (uncredited)

Tarek Moussa as Pedestrian (uncredited)

Mike Phelan O'Toole as Pedestrian on Phone (uncredited)

Giovanni Pantaleo as Boston Police Officer (uncredited)

Michael J. Peluso as Diner Patron (uncredited)

Osmani Rodriguez as Carlos (uncredited)

Edward A. Sherman IV as Officer Montfort (uncredited)

Billy Silvia as Security Guard (uncredited)

Ben Skinner as Frisbee Player (uncredited)

Rich Skinner as Dog Owner (uncredited)

Chuck Slavin as Frank (uncredited)

Kal Thompson as Tourist (uncredited)

Fraser Townley as Milton LeRouge (uncredited)

Amanda Wall as Little Danish Girl in Museum (uncredited)

Donald Warnock as Curator (uncredited)

A. G. Wilde as Player (uncredited)

Jimm Wilson as Museum Goer (uncredited)

Ashley Wolfe as Model (uncredited)

Adam Zalt as Shipping Company Personnel & Van Passenger (uncredited)

Scott Burik as Stuntperson

Christopher Place as Stuntperson

John M. Copeman as Stuntperson

John Gilbert as Stuntperson

Chris Colombo as Stuntperson

Luis Moco as Stuntperson

Jim Ford as Stuntperson

Aaron Vexler as Stuntperson

Caroline Vexler as Stuntperson

Stephen Pope as Stuntperson

Keith Siglinger as Stuntperson

Jophery C. Brown as Stuntperson

Brian A. Peters as Stuntperson

Marco Bianco as Stuntperson

Paul M. Marini as Stuntperson

Jeff S. Medeiros as Stuntperson

Dino Muccio as Stuntperson

Brian Ricci as Stuntperson

Richard Cohee as Mr. Freeman's Standin

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