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The Man With The Golden Gun


Released 1974

Guy Hamilton = Director

Albert R. Broccoli = Producer

Harry Saltzman = Producer

Charles Orme = Associate Producer

Roger Moore as James Bond

Christopher Lee as Francisco Scaramanga

Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight

Maud Adams as Andrea Anders

Hervé Villechaize as Nick Nack

Clifton James as Sheriff J. W. Pepper

Richard Loo as Hai Fat

Soon-Tek Oh as Lieutenant Hip

Marc Lawrence as Rodney

Bernard Lee as M (Admiral Myles Messervy)

Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny

Marne Maitland as Lazar

Desmond Llewelyn as Q (Major Geoffrey Boothroyd)

James Cossins as Colthorpe

Chan Yiu Lam (Yao Lin Chen) as Chula

Carmen du Sautoy as Saida

Gerald James as Frazier

Michael Osborne as Naval Lieutenant

Michael Fleming as Communications Officer

Sonny Caldinez as Kra (uncredited)

Leslie Crawford as Cowboy in Fun House (uncredited)

Gordon Everett as Gibson (uncredited)

Michael Goodliffe as Chief of Staff Bill Tanner (uncredited)

Ray Marioni as Al Capone (uncredited)

Terence Plummer as Beirut Thug (uncredited)

George Silver as Fat Beirut Thug (uncredited)

Rocky Taylor as Beirut Thug (uncredited)

Francoise Therry as Chew Mee (uncredited)

Master Toddy as MA Student Fighting Hip's Nieces (uncredited)

Joie Vejjajiva as Cha, Hip's Niece #2 (uncredited)

Wei Wei Wong as Bottoms Up Waitress (uncredited)

Qiu Yuen as Nara, Hip's Niece #1 (uncredited)

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