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Man of the House


Released 1995

James Orr = Director

Bonnie Bruckheimer = Producer

Marty Katz = Producer

Casey Grant = Associate Producer

Margaret South = Executive Producer

Chevy Chase as Jack Sturgess, Squatting Dog

Farrah Fawcett as Sandra Archer

Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Ben Archer, Little Wing

George Wendt as Chet Bronski, Chief Running Horse

David Shiner as Lloyd Small, Silent Thunder

Art LaFleur as Red Sweeney, Silver Fox

Richard Portnow as Joey Renda, Frank's Son

Richard Foronjy as Murray, Renda Goon

Peter Appel as Tony, Renda Goon

Chief Leonard George as Leonard Red Crow

George Greif as Frank James Renda

Ron Canada as Bob Younger, Jack's Boss

Christopher Miranda as Hank Sweeney

Zachary Browne as Norman Bronski, Dark Eagle

Spencer Vrooman as Darryl Small

Nicholas Garrett as Monroe Hill

Jimmy Baker as Young Ben Archer

John DiSanti as Romeo Costanza

Walter Marsh as Judge #1, Renda Trial

Judith Maxie as Judge #2, Indian Trial

Jim Smith as Minister at Wedding

Sean Orr as Bailiff

Tony Sampson as Big Kid at School #1

Shane Meier as Big Kid at School #2

John Robotham as Chevy Chase Double

Ken Kirzinger as Chevy Chase Double

Gil Combs as Chevy Chase Double

Alex Green as Stuntperson

Tony Morelli as Stuntperson

Brent Woolsey as Stuntperson

Reg Glass as Stuntperson

Yves Cameron as Stuntperson

John Scott as Stuntperson

Michael Langlois as Stuntperson

Dawn Stofer-Rupp as Stuntperson

Kevin J. Andruschak as Stuntperson

Bill Stewart as Stuntperson

Jim Dunn as Stuntperson

Delaina-Lu Gamblin as Stuntperson

Fiona Roeske as Stuntperson

Sid Tencarre as Stuntperson

Mike Vézina as Stuntperson

Ernie Jackson as Stuntperson

J. J. Makaro as Stuntperson

Fred Perron as Stuntperson

George Josef as Stuntperson

Dean Choe as Stuntperson

Lauro Chartrand as Stuntperson

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