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Man of the House


Released 2005

Stephen Herek = Director

Steven Reuther = Producer

Todd Garner = Producer

Allyn Stewart = Producer

Jeffrey Wetzel = Associate Producer

Tommy Lee Jones = Executive Producer

Marty P. Ewing = Executive Producer

Derek Dauchy = Executive Producer

Tommy Lee Jones as Ranger Roland Sharp

Cedric the Entertainer as Percy Stevens

Christina Milian as Anne

Paula GarcÚs as Teresa

Monica Keena as Evie

Vanessa Ferlito as Heather

Kelli Garner as Barbara 'Barb' Thompson

Anne Archer as Professor Molly McCarthy

Brian Van Holt as Agent Eddie Zane

Shea Whigham as Ranger Holt

Terrence 'Terry' Parks as Ranger Riggs

R. Lee Ermey as Captain Nichols

Paget Brewster as Binky

Shannon Marie Woodward as Emma Sharp

Liz Vassey as Maggie Swanson

Curtis Armstrong as Morgan Ball

Tom Reynolds as Jack Carter

James Richard 'Rick' Perry as Himself

Turner Stephen Bruton as John Cortland

Nar Williams as Pizza Delivery Guy

Mark Hanson as Jimmy

Lucien Douglas as Cortland's Attorney

Bo Kane as Courthouse Reporter

Ash Christian as Razorback Mascot

Phil Aboussie as A/C Technician

Robert Southwell as Campus Guy

Chase Ryan Jeffery as Campus Guy

David Andrew Monahan as Campus Guy

Christopher Dahlberg as Local Stud

Brandon Johnson as Stud's Friend

Jesse De Luna as Warehouse Officer

Mark Turner as Warehouse Officer

Lucas 'Luc' Calhoun as Clay

Jimmy Ortega as Border Bus Driver

Timothy F. Crowley as Referee

Jim Baker as Football Coach

David Dunard as Announcer

William Bryant II as Organist

Carl F. Martin as Choir Director

Alana Atkins as Church Singer

Thomasina A. Atkins as Church Singer

Lorenzo Johnson as Church Singer

Denisha Millsap as Church Singer

Elizabeth Millsap as Church Singer

Vania Reneau as Church Singer

James Burney II as Choir Singer

Loren Davis as Choir Singer

Deante Duckett as Choir Singer

Whon Martin as Choir Singer

Althea Mills as Choir Singer

Chavonne Morris as Choir Singer

Sheven Morris as Choir Singer

Aminah Ofumbi as Choir Singer

Loren Turner as Choir Singer

Clarissa Watkins as Choir Singer

Aleksandr Akulov as High School Student (uncredited)

Desmond Aldridge as U.T. Longhorns Fan (uncredited)

Erik Anderson as U.T. Stadium Security (uncredited)

Edward Andrion as Bevo Handler (uncredited)

Joseph Thomas Campos as Student (uncredited)

Ricky Cavazos as Football Player at Hex Rally (uncredited)

Gene Cervenka as DPS Officer (uncredited)

Sean Corrigan as U.T. Alumni (uncredited)

Jack Cruz as U.T. Stadium Security (uncredited)

Marc De'Antone as Mobster in the Church (uncredited)

Megan Evanich as Student (uncredited)

Joanna Gallagher as Bar Patron (uncredited)

Matthew Garth II as Student (uncredited)

Gina Garza as Campus Girl (uncredited)

Regina Gordon as Hex Rally Supporter (uncredited)

Michele Harrington as UT Alumni (uncredited)

Stephanie Hunter as UT Student (uncredited)

Samantha Inoue Harte as Campus Girl (uncredited)

Kimberly R. Johnson as Spectator (uncredited)

Dave Kraft as Campus Student (uncredited)

Robert E. Martinez as College Student (uncredited)

Brandie McMinn as Actress (uncredited)

Adam Medina as UT Student (uncredited)

Katie Melcer as Alumni (uncredited)

Stephen Moffatt as UT Football Fan (uncredited)

Dan Murphy as Coroner (uncredited)

Rajiv Patel as Student (uncredited)

James P. Rice as Longhorn Fan (uncredited)

Ava Santana as UT Student (uncredited)

Nicole Zepeda as High School Student (uncredited)

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