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The Man In The Iron Mask


Released 1998

Randall Wallace = Director

Randall Wallace = Producer

Russell Smith = Producer

Paul Hitchcock = Co-Producer

René Dupont = Co-Producer

Alan Ladd Jr. = Executive Producer

Leonardo DiCaprio as King Louis XIV & Philippe

Jeremy Irons as Aramis

John Malkovich as Athos

Gérard Depardieu as Porthos

Gabriel Byrne as D'Artagnan

Anne Parillaud as Queen Mother Anne

Judith Godrèche as Christine

Edward Atterton as Lt. Andre

Peter Sarsgaard as Raoul

Hugh Laurie as King's Advisor

David Lowe as King's Advisor

Brigitte Boucher as Madame Rotund

Matthew Jocelyn as Assassin

Karine Belly as Wench

Emmanuel Guttierez as King's Friend

Christian Erickson as Ballroom Guard

François Montagut as Blond Musketeer

Andrew Wallace as Peasant Boy

Cécile Auclert as Serving Woman

Sonia Backers as Serving Woman

Vincent Nemeth as Customer

Joe Sheridan as Fortress Keeper

Olivier Hémon as Fortress Head Guard

Michael Morris as Bastille Gate Guard

Emmanuel Patron as Fortress Guard

Leonor Varela as Ballroom Beauty

Michael Hofland as Ruffian

Laura Fraser as Bedroom Beauty

Brigitte Auber as Queen Mother's Attendant

Jean-Pol Brissart as Monk

François Guillaume as Ponceau (uncredited)

Alain Barbier as Stuntperson

Jean-Marc Bellu as Stuntperson

Michel Bouis as Stuntperson

William Cagnard as Stuntperson

Jean-François Demange as Stuntperson

Jean Girard as Stuntperson

Alain Grellier as Stuntperson

Pascal Guégan as Stuntperson

Philippe Lazoore as Stuntperson

Pascal López as Stuntperson

Patrick Médioni as Stuntperson

Olivier Vitrant as Stuntperson

Joëlle Baland as Horseman

Georges Branche as Horseman

Pascal Chemel as Horseman

Patrice Cossoneau as Horseman

Hugues Dalmagro as Horseman

Marc Devallois as Horseman

Laurent Devrieze as Horseman

Xavier Doumen as Horseman

Pascal Madura as Horseman

Marc Teterel as Horseman

Eric Tonetto as Horseman

Bertrand Triguer as Horseman

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