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On The Move


Released 1991

Stewart Raffill = Director

Edward Rugoff = Producer

Kate Bales = Associate Producer

Malcolm R. Harding = Co-Producer

John Foreman = Executive Producer

Kristy Swanson as Jessie

William Ragsdale as Jason Williamson & Prince William

Meshach Taylor as Hollywood Montrose & Doorman

Terry Kiser as Count Spretzle & Sorcerer

Stuart Pankin as Mr. James

Cynthia Harris as Mom & Queen

Andrew Hill Newman as Andy Ackerman

Julie Foreman as Gail

John Edmondson as Rolf, Soldier #1

Phil Latella as Egon, Soldier #2

Mark Gray as Arnold, Soldier #3

Erick Weiss as Mr. James' Assistant

Jackye Roberts as Mr. James' Assistant

John Casino as Horned Soldier & Stuntperson

Laurie Wing as Old Queen

Julie Warder as Beauty Technician

G. James Reed as Furniture Saleman

Joanne Bradley as Garbage Woman

Christine Anne Baur as Garbage Woman & Stuntperson

Allelon Ruggiero as Employee #1

Heather Henderson as Lipstick Girl

Sherry Wallén as Dress Saleslady

Thom Christopher Warren as Albert

Wendy Worthington as Tour Guide

Jim Nital as Grip

Ilene Norris as Younger Female Guest

Hazel Pierce as Customer

Robert N. Hines as Hauptmann-Koenig Pilot

Daphne Lynn Stacey as Cafe Waitress

Eva Andell as Jessie's Sister

Michael J. Anderson as Jewel Box Bearer

Suzanne DeLaurentiis as Nightclub Waitress

Dana Dewes as Southside Girl #1

Celeste Russi as Southside Girl #2

Chris Giannini as Cool Guy

Cocò as Lead Dancer

Ellen Sabino as Girl Outside Club

Christine Vanacore as Happy Girl

Michael Stermel as Cop #1

Jerry Lyden as Cop #2

John Richman as Cop #3

Rocky Cathcart as Cop #4

Joe Milazzo as Cop on Bridge

Matt Myers as Officer Al

Bud Seese as Duty Sergeant

Cliff McMullen as Mannequin Cop #1

Nancy Nicholson as Girl on Video

Dana Edward Schmidt as Go Cart Flagman

Ereina Valencia as Dancer

Felise Bagley as Dancer

Irene Schoener as Dancer

Christa Catanoso as Dancer

Bey Brown as Dancer

Jennifer McDonough as Dancer

Luis Torres as Dancer

Jody Ellis as Dancer

Jose Rodriquez as Dancer

Kerry L. Lacy as Dancer

Billy Angell as Dancer

David Ogden as Dancer

Cynthia Savage as Dancer

Kim McKee as Dancer

Steve Kwasnik as The Paperboy (uncredited)

George Pellegrino as Counter Person (uncredited)

Sonny Vellozzi as Nightclub Customer (uncredited)

Gary Jensen as Stuntperson

Gene Hartline as Stuntperson

Lincoln Simonds as Stuntperson

Gregg Smrz as Stuntperson

Mark De Alessandro as Stuntperson

Dana D. Bertolette as Stuntperson

George B. Colucci Jr. as Stuntperson

Kim Robert Koscki as Stuntperson

A. Michael Lerner as Stuntperson

Jimmy Lewis Jr. as Stuntperson

Billy Bates as Stuntperson

John Gillespie as Stuntperson

Dennis 'Danger' Madalone as Stuntperson

Charles 'Chuck' Courtney as Stuntperson

Ben McCrea as Stuntperson

Byron Quisenberry as Stuntperson

Don Picard as Stuntperson

Harry Madsen as Stuntperson

Don Hewitt as Stuntperson

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