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The Marine


Released 2006

John Bonito = Director

Joel Simon = Producer

Kathryn Sommer-Parry = Producer

Jonathan Winfrey = Producer

Frank Carlopio = Associate Producer

Jed Blaugrund = Co-Producer

Vince McMahon = Executive Producer

Matt Carroll = Executive Producer

John Cena as John Triton

Robert Patrick as Rome

Kelly Carlson as Kate Triton

Anthony Ray Parker as Morgan

Abigail Bianca as Angela

Jerome Ehlers as Van Buren

Manu Bennett as Bennett

Damon Gibson as Vescera

Drew Powell as Joe

Frank Carlopio as Frank

Firass Dirani as Al Qaeda Leader

Remi Broadway as Marine #1

Steve Harman as Marine #2

Damien Bryson as Marine #3

Robert Coleby as Braun

Ashley Lyons as Chris

Jeff Chase as Billy

Jamal Duff as Paul

Lincoln Kennedy as Himself

Christina Lindley as Chop Shop Girl

Gerry Day as Mr. Titizian

Todd Leigh as Brian

Alan B. McElroy as Johnny

Todd Levi as Officer Herrera

Christopher Morris as Rick

Jane Eppell as Laura

Laurence Breuls as Fran

Cory Robinson as Officer Brady

Peter Lamb as Patrol Officer

Damien Garvey as River Boat Cop

Helen Howard as Female Clerk #1

Nicci Hope as Female Clerk #2

Brad Haynes as Male Clerk

Andrew Allan as Stuntperson

Keir Beck as Stuntperson

Con Bekiris as Stuntperson

Brad Buckley as Stuntperson

Janine Carlin as Stuntperson

Gavin Coleman as Stuntperson

Hayden Dalton as Stuntperson

Nicole Downes as Stuntperson

Russell Frost as Stuntperson

Kyle Gardiner as Stuntperson

Nick Lawson as Stuntperson

Steve Morris as Stuntperson

Mick Van Morsel as Stuntperson

Yasca Singaglia as Stuntperson

Wilfred Woodrow as Stuntperson

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