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Marley & Me

The Puppy Years


Released 2011

Michael Damian = Director

Connie Dolphin = Producer

Arnon Milchan = Executive Producer

Janeen Damian = Executive Producer

Travis Turner as Bodi Grogan

Donnelly Rhodes as Fred Grogan

Alex Zahara as Hans Von Weiselberger

Geoff Gustafson as Henkle

Sydney Imbeau as Kaycee

Chelah Horsdal as Carol Grogan

Merrilyn Gann as Mrs. Crouch

Garry Chalk as Announcer

Kathryn Kirkpatrick as Judge Luckett

Marie West as Helga

Keith Blackman Dallas as Mike

Jarod Joseph as Tom

Nathaniel Deveaux as Judge Morgan

Dave Leader as Florida Mailman

Emily Andersson as Girl with Hot Dog

Grayson Russell as Voice of Marley

Lauren Lavone as Voice of Fuschia

Ryan Grantham as Voice of Moose

Alexander Marr as Voice of Turbo

Kyle Kirkwood as Voice of Axel

Jianna Ballard as Voice of Leisl

Ashlyn Drummond as Voice of Godiva

Christopher Goodman as Voice of Cat

Gordon Grice as Voice of Dundee

Brian Drummond as Voice of Trouble

Lee Tockar as Voice of Chipper

Olivia Krevoy as Voice of Jazzy

Charlie Atrill as Stuntperson

Kimberly Chiang as Stuntperson

Greg Hanson as Stuntperson

Jamie Payton as Stuntperson

Matt Phillips as Stuntperson

Jodi Stecyk as Stuntperson

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