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Released 2010

Tom Dey = Director

John Davis = Producer

Arnon Milchan = Executive Producer

Tariq Jalil = Executive Producer

Jeffrey Stott = Executive Producer

Derek Dauchy = Executive Producer

Owen Wilson as Voice of Marmaduke

George as Marmaduke

Spirit as Marmaduke

Emma Stone as Voice of Mazie

Huck as Mazie

George Lopez as Voice of Carlos

Mai Tai as Carlos

Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Voice of Giuseppe

Dolly as Giuseppe

Steve Coogan as Voice of Raisin

Tyler as Raisin

Stacy 'Fergie' Ferguson as Voice of Jezebel

Blake as Jezebel

Kiefer Sutherland as Voice of Bosco

Axel as Bosco

Damon Wayans Jr. as Voice of Thunder

Sandy as Thunder

Marlon Wayans as Voice of Lightning

Bud as Lightning

Sam Elliott as Voice of Chupadogra

Oswald as Chupadogra

Lee Pace as Phil Winslow

Judy Greer as Debbie Winslow

Caroline Sunshine as Barbara Winslow

Finley Jacobsen as Brian Winslow

Mandy Haines as Sarah Winslow

Milana Haines as Sarah Winslow

David Walliams as Anton Harrison

William H. Macy as Don Twombly

Glenn McCuen as Bodie

Frank Topol as Buff Owner

Graylen Cameron as Giant Teenage Boy

Alex Rockhill as Dog Catcher

Cameron Cowles as Skater Boy #1

John Daily as Skater Boy #2

Tyler Abiew as Skater Boy #3

Heather Doerksen as Jessica

Ashley Liu as Male Executive

Madison Desjarlais as Brunette Girl

Erin Kerr as Redhead Girl

Nicole Muņoz as 3rd OC Girl

Christopher Attadia as Jock

Jason Bryden as Man on Bench

Raugi Yu as Drama Trainer

Izaak Smith as Basketball Captain

Keith Blackman Dallas as Emergency Road Worker

Peter-John Prinsloo as Lead Fireman

Colin Decker as Fireman

Charles Jarman as Fireman

Garvin Cross as Fireman

Chris Bradford as Fireman

Graham MacDonald as Orange County Policeman

David Stanfield as Announcer

Randall Montgomery as Voice of Sweater Dog

Hope Levy as Voice of Afghan #1

Anjelah N. Johnson as Voice of Afghan #2

Devon Werkheiser as Voices of Drama Dog #1,

Shroom Dog #2, Golden Dog & Cocker Spaniel

Chris Colfer as Voice of Drama Dog #2

David Z. Price as Voices of Shroom Dog #1,

Beach Dog #1, Party Dog #2 & Beagle

Hudson Thames as Voice of Delinquent Dog

Francisco Ramos as Voice of Purse Dog #1

Bernardo de Paula as Voice of Purse Dog #2

Eddie 'Piolin' Sotelo as Voice of Purse Dog #3

Todd Glass as Voices of Doberman & Shasta

Ryan Devlin as Voice of Beach Dog #2

Jeffrey Garcia as Voice of Beach Dog #3

King 'Ab' Kedar as Voices of Surfing Award Dog & Beach Dog #4

Liza Lapira as Voice of Party Dog #1

Jack McGee as Voice of Dalmatian

Josh Gad as Voice of Bandana Dog

Sydney Imbeau as Little Girl (uncredited)

Jeny Cassady as Puppeteer

Norman Foote as Puppeteer

Geoff Redknap as Puppeteer

James Rowley as Puppeteer

Chad Sayn as Stuntperson

Dean Hart as Stuntperson

Hugo Steele as Stuntperson

Mike Carpenter as Stuntperson

Mike Andrew as Stuntperson

David Lane as Stuntperson

Wade Eastwood as Stuntperson

Thomas M. Ficke as Stuntperson

Eddie Braun as Stuntperson

Paul Jasper as Stuntperson

Nicolas Powell as Stuntperson

Dirk Vahle as Stuntperson

David Jacox as Stuntperson

Chad Bellamy as Stuntperson

Alex Daniels as Stuntperson

Scott Nicholson as Stuntperson

Dustin Brooks as Stuntperson

Pee Wee Piemonte as Stuntperson

Tim Soergel as Stuntperson

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