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Mars Needs Moms


Released 2011

Simon Wells = Director

Robert Zemeckis = Producer

Jack Rapke = Producer

Steve Starkey = Producer

Steven Boyd = Producer

Ryan Chan = Associate Producer

Seth Green as Milo

Dan Fogler as Gribble

Joan Cusack as Mom

Elisabeth Harnois as Ki

Mindy Sterling as Supervisor

Kevin Cahoon as Wingnut

Tom Everett Scott as Dad

Jacquie Barnbrook as Martian

Matthew Henerson as Martian

Adam Jennings as Martian

Stephen Kearin as Martian

Amber Gainey Meade as Martian

Aaron Rapke as Martian

Julene Renee as Martian

Kirsten Severson as Martian

Matt Wolf as Martian

Raymond Ochoa as Martian Hatchling

Robert Ochoa as Martian Hatchling

Ryan Ochoa as Martian Hatchling

Meredith Wells as Martian Hatchling

Teagan Wells as Martian Hatchling

Seth Dusky as Voice of Milo

Marianne Bennett as Voice Performer

Jo McGinley as Voice Performer

Daniel James O'Connor as Voice Performer

Edi Patterson as Voice Performer

Erik Schaper as Puppeteer

April Warren as Puppeteer

Jason Sanfilippo as Stuntperson

Colin Follenweider as Stuntperson

Alicia Vela-Bailey as Stuntperson

Tarah Paige as Stuntperson

Steve Upton as Stuntperson

Cliff McLaughlin as Stuntperson

Dave Schultz as Stuntperson

Brian Machleit as Stuntperson

MJark Musashi as Stuntperson

Shannon Beach as Stuntperson

Geo Corvera as Stuntperson

Morgan Williams as Stuntperson

Ilram Choi as Stuntperson

Richard Epper as Stuntperson

Andy Owen as Stuntperson

Frank Torres as Stuntperson

Brad Allan as Stuntperson

Shawn Kautz as Stuntperson

Justin Riemer as Stuntperson

J. E. Johnson as Stuntperson

Jerry Sandager as Stuntperson

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