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Released 1970

Robert Altman = Director

Ingo Preminger = Producer

Leon Ericksen = Associate Producer

Donald Sutherland as Hawkeye Pierce

Elliott Gould as Trapper John McIntyre

Tom Skerritt as Duke Forrest

Sally Kellerman as 'Hot Lips' O'Houlihan

Robert Duvall as Maj. Frank Burns

Roger Bowen as Col. Henry Blake

Rene Auberjonois as Father John Mulcahy

David Arkin as Sgt. Major Vollmer

Jo Ann Pflug as Lt. 'Dish'

Gary Burghoff as Corporal 'Radar' O'Reilly

Fred Williamson as Dr. Oliver 'Spearchucker' Jones

Michael Murphy as 'Me Lai' Marston

Indus Arthur as Lt. Leslie

Ken Prymus as PFC. Seidman

Bobby Troup as Sgt. Gorman

Kim Atwood as Ho-Jon

Timothy Brown as Cpl. Judson

John Schuck as Capt. 'Painless' Waldowski

Dawne Damon as Capt. Storch

Carl Gottlieb as 'Ugly John'

Tamara (Wilcox-Smith) Horrocks as Capt. 'Knocko'

G. Wood as Gen. Hammond

Bud Cort as Pvt. Boone

Danny Goldman as Capt. Murrhardt

Corey Fischer as Capt. Bandini

Stephen Altman as Duke's 5-Year-Old Son (uncredited)

Joe Amsler as Player (uncredited)

Steven Bewley as Football Player (uncredited)

Stanford Blum as Football Player (uncredited)

Tommy Brown as Football Player - 325th Evac. (uncredited)

Buck Buchanan as Football Player - 325th Evac. (uncredited)

Craig Chudy as Football Player (uncredited)

Jack Concannon as Football Player - 325th Evac. (uncredited)

Jim Connors as Player (uncredited)

Michael Consoldane as Football Player - 325th Evac. (uncredited)

Cathleen Cordell as Capt. Peterson - Nurse Corps (uncredited)

Robert V. Cox as Football Player (uncredited)

Ronn Cragg as Player (uncredited)

Ben Davidson as Football Player #88 - 325th Evac. (uncredited)

Ray Didsbury as Ad Lib Doctor (uncredited)

James B. Douglas as Col. Wallace C. Merril (uncredited)

Tom Falk as Corporal (uncredited)

John Fujioka as Japanese Golf Pro (uncredited)

Lynn Grate as Player (uncredited)

Sumi Haru as Japanese Nurse (uncredited)

Buck Holland as Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

Susan Ikeda as Japanese Caddie (uncredited)

Dale Ishimoto as Korean Doctor (uncredited)

Alfred Jones as Player (uncredited)

Jerry Jones as Motor Pool Sergeant (uncredited)

Mark Jones as Player (uncredited)

Joe Kapp as Football Player - 325th Evac. (uncredited)

Mike Kemp as Football Player (uncredited)

Ted Knight as Additional Voice (uncredited)

Douglas Laurence as Player (uncredited)

Harvey Levine as 2nd Lieutenant (uncredited)

Weaver Levy as Korean Doctor (uncredited)

John Linton as Player (uncredited)

Robert Manser as Football Player (uncredited)

Sam A. Mides as Football Player (uncredited)

Marvin Miller as Additional Voice (uncredited)

John Myers as Football Player - 325th Evac. (uncredited)

Rick Neilan as Hammond's Aide (uncredited)

Lloyd Nelson as Additional Voice (uncredited)

Gerry Okuneff as Football Player (uncredited)

Monica Peterson as Pretty W.A.C. Receptionist (uncredited)

Roy Pettie as Player (uncredited)

Ron Quay as Player (uncredited)

David Sachs as Surgeon #1 (uncredited)

Masami Saito as Japanese Caddie (uncredited)

Tony Santoro as Player (uncredited)

Howard Schnellenberger as Football Referee (uncredited)

Bonnie Sue Schwartz as Cheerleader (uncredited)

Samantha Scott as Nurse/Pin-up Model (uncredited)

Noland Smith as Football Player - 325th Evac. 'Superbug' (uncredited)

Owen Song as Player (uncredited)

Ron Stein as Football Player (uncredited)

Fran Tarkenton as Football Player - 325th Evac. (uncredited)

Dianne Turley Travis as Correspondent (uncredited)

Johnny Unitas as Football Player - 325th Evac. (uncredited)

Sal Viscuso as Voice of P.A. Announcer (uncredited)

Greg Walker as Player (uncredited)

Hiroko Watanabe as Japanese Prostitute (uncredited)

Don Watters as Football Player (uncredited)

Ron Way as Football Player (uncredited)

Howard Williams as Football Player - 325th Evac. (uncredited)

Tom Woodeschick as Football Player - 325th Evac. (uncredited)

Yoko Young as Japanese Servant (uncredited)

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