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The Master of Disguise


Released 2002

Perry Andelin Blake = Director

Sidney Ganis = Producer

Alex Siskin = Producer

Barry Bernardi = Producer

Todd Garner = Producer

Mike Johnson = Associate Producer

Derek Dauchy = Co-Producer

Harris Goldberg = Co-Producer

Dino Stamatopoulos = Co-Producer

Allegra Clegg = Co-Producer

Adam Sandler = Executive Producer

Jack Giarraputo = Executive Producer

Dana Carvey as Pistachio Disguisey

Jennifer Esposito as Jennifer Baker

Harold Gould as Grandfather Disguisey

James Brolin as Fabbrizio Disguisey

Brent Spiner as Devlin Bowman

Edie McClurg as Mother Disguisey

Maria Canals-Barrera as Sophia

Austin Wolff as Barney Baker

Robert Machray as Texas Man

Rachel Lederman as Texas Wife

Mark Devine as Trent

Jay Johnston as Rex

Michael Bailey Smith as Henchman

Vincent Riverside as Henchman

Mark Ginther as Henchman

Carrick O'Quinn as Henchman

Mitch Silpa as Henchman

John Tenn as Henchman

Virginia Hawkins as Interview Woman

Jessica Simpson as Herself

Jonathan Loughran as Security Guard

Ted Rooney as Security Guard

Brandon Molale as Doorman

Erick Avari as Cigar Maker

Phil Jones as Businessman

Michael DeLuise as Businessman

Larry Cedar as Businessman

Andrew Shaifer as Liberty Bell Security Guard

Vincent Castellanos as Art Dealer

Roger Mussenden as Waiter

Al Goto as Ninja Warrior

Simon Rhee as Ninja Warrior

Kevin Nealon as White Collar Executive

Bill Cho Lee as Mongolian Elder

Chao-Li Chi as Mongolian

Steve Gormley as German Businessman

Christel Smith as German Businesswoman

Ava Metz as Another German

Michael Johnson as Himself

Bo Derek as Herself

Barry Bernardi as Bernardo

Brian Catalano as Italian Officer

Gabriel Pimentel as Boxing Dummy

Martha Del Rio as Puerto Rican Housekeeper

Guelmarí Oppenheimer as Waitress

Tracy E. Wilson as Female Partygoer

Patricia De Leon as Waitress

Phillip Fischer as Bully

Steven Hack as Chemistry Teacher

Dane Morris as Young Pistachio

Cole Mitchell Sprouse as Young Pistachio

Dylan Thomas Sprouse as Young Pistachio

Bryan Jeffrey Price as Jock

Andy Morrow as Captain America Kid

Naya Rivera as Captain America Kid

Julius Ritter as Captain America Kid

Brighton Hertzford as Captain America Kid

Sandra Lindqvist as Bartender

Eugene C. Palmer as Chef

Leland Crooke as Appraiser

Mike Johnson as Constitution Security Guard

Michael Lee Phillips Jr. as Constitution Security Guard

Buddy Bolton as Abe Lincoln

Stuart Quan as Ninja

Spencer Sano as Ninja

Hiro Koda as Ninja

Johnny Nguyen as Ninja

Yoshio Izuka as Ninja

Ronn Surels as Ninja

Andy Cheng as Ninja

Steven Ho as Ninja

Kenan Thompson as Kenan

Tony Wilde as Doug

Berglind Icey as Big Bottom Girl

Leasi Andrews as Big Bottom Girl

Anna-Marie Simone Goddard as Big Bottom Girl

Theresa Madelin Lin as Big Bottom Girl

Adrian Armas as Group Dancer

Gustavo Vargas as Group Dancer

Jessica Keller as Group Dancer

Paul Benshoof as Group Dancer

Oscar Orosco as Group Dancer

Andrea Bogart as Group Dancer

Paulette Maxwell as Group Dancer

Paula Abdul as Herself (Choreographer) (uncredited)

Lisa Danielle as Player (uncredited)

Lisa Foiles as Lisa (uncredited)

Jesse V. Johnson as Thief (uncredited)

Sandra Lindquist as Bartender (uncredited)

Shane Lyons as Shane (uncredited)

Kyle Sullivan as Kyle (uncredited)

Jesse Ventura as Himself (uncredited)

Jaremy Aiello as Stuntperson

Chris 'Critter' Antonucci as Stuntperson

Clayton J. Barber as Stuntperson

Richard L. Blackwell as Stuntperson

Jake Brake as Stuntperson

John Branagan as Stuntperson

Joe Bucaro III as Stuntperson

Wes C. Caefer as Stuntperson

John Criswell as Stuntperson

Brycen Counts as Stuntperson

Danny Downey as Stuntperson

Annie Ellis as Stuntperson

Shane Habberstad as Stuntperson

Doug Hudson as Stuntperson

Kim Kahana Jr. as Stuntperson

Clint Lilley as Stuntperson

Billy Morts as Stuntperson

Daniel T. O'Brien as Stuntperson

Michael Papajohn as Stuntperson

Richard 'Pee Wee' Piemonte as Stuntperson

Nicole Randall as Stuntperson

Ben Scott as Stuntperson

John-Clay Scott as Stuntperson

Larry M. Shorts as Stuntperson

Tim Sitarz as Stuntperson

Cody Tyler Weselis as Stuntperson

Brian J. Williams as Stuntperson

Darlene Ava Williams as Stuntperson

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