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Matrix Revolutions

Released 2004

Andy Wachowski = Director

Larry Wachowski = Director

Joel Silver = Producer

Vicki Popplewell = Associate Producer

Steve Richards = Associate Producer

Andy Wachowski = Executive Producer

Larry Wachowski = Executive Producer

Grant Hill = Executive Producer

Andrew Mason = Executive Producer

Bruce Berman = Executive Producer

Mary Alice ad The Oracle

Tanveer K. Atwal as Sati

Helmut Bakaitis as The Architect

Kate Beahan as Coat Check Girl

Francine Bell as Councillor Grace

Monica Bellucci as Persephone

Rachel Blackman as Charra

Henry Blasingame as Deus Ex Machina

Ian Bliss as Bane

David Bowers as Q-Ball Gang Member #1

Zeke Castelli as Operations Officer Mattis

Collin Chou as Seraph

Essie Davis as Maggie

Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus

Nona Gaye as Zee

Dion Horstmans as Q-Ball Gang Member #2

Lachy Hulme as Sparks

Chris Kirby as Mauser

Peter Lamb as Colt

Nathaniel Lees as Mifume

Harry Lennix as Commander Lock

Robert Mammone as Ak

Joe Manning as First Operator at Command

Maurice Morgan as Tower Soldier

Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity

Tharini Mudaliar as Kamala

Rene Naufahu as Zion Gate Operator

Robyn Nevin as Councillor Dillard

Genevieve O'Reilly as Officer Wirtz

Harold Perrineau as Link

Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobe

Kittrick Redmond as Second Operator at Command

Keanu Reeves as Neo

Rupert Reid as Lock's Lieutenant

Kevin M. Richardson as Deus Ex Machina Voice

David Roberts as Roland

Bruce Spence as Trainean

Richard Sydenham as Dock Sergeant

Che Timmins as Radio Bunker Man

Gina Torres as Cas

Clayton Watson as Kid

Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith

Cornel West as Councillor West

Bernard White as Rama-Kandra

Lambert Wilson as Morovingian

Anthony Wong as Ghost

Anthony Zerbe as Councillor Hamann

Ray Anthony as Stuntperson

Keir Beck as Stuntperson

Bobby Bowles as Stuntperson

Danielle Burgio as Stuntperson

Marky Lee Campbell as Stuntperson

Raelene Chapman as Stuntperson

Michelle Comerford as Stuntperson

Harry Dakanalis as Stuntperson

Danial Donai as Stuntperson

Nash Edgerton as Stuntperson

Ousaun Elam as Stuntperson

Charles Hobson as Stuntperson

Lou Czaglar Horvarth as Stuntperson

Graham Jahne as Stuntperson

Peter Jeremijenko as Stuntperson

Alex Kuzelicki as Stuntperson

David Leitch as Stuntperson

Brad Martin as Stuntperson

Scott McLean as Stuntperson

Phil Meecham as Stuntperson

Chris Mitchell as Stuntperson

Darren Mitchell as Stuntperson

Angela Moore as Stuntperson

Chris O'Hara as Stuntperson

Puvan Pather as Stuntperson

Melanie Peyton-Smith as Stuntperson

Darrin Prescott as Stuntperson

Mick Roughan as Stuntperson

Warwick Sadler as Stuntperson

Yasca Sinigaglia as Stuntperson

Cathie Small as Stuntperson

Brit Sooby as Stuntperson

Gillian Statham as Stuntperson

Darko Tuskan as Stuntperson

Bernadette Van Gyen as Stuntperson

Aaron Walters as Stuntperson

Min Windel as Stuntperson

Avril Wynne as Stuntperson

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