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The Matrix

Released 1999

Andy Wachowski = Director

Larry Wachowski = Director

Joel Silver = Producer

Richard Mirisch = Associate Producer

Carol Hughes = Associate Producer

Dan Cracchiolo = Co-Producer

Barrie M. Osborne = Executive Producer

Andrew Mason = Executive Producer

Andy Wachowski = Executive Producer

Larry Wachowski = Executive Producer

Erwin Stoff = Executive Producer

Bruce Berman = Executive Producer

Keanu Reeves as Neo

Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus

Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity

Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith

Gloria Foster as Oracle

Joe Pantoliano as Cypher

Marcus Chong as Tank

Julian Arahanga as Apoc

Matt Doran as Mouse

Belinda McClory as Switch

Anthony Ray Parker as Dozer

Paul Goddard as Agent Brown

Robert Taylor as Agent Jones

David Aston as Rhineheart

Marc Gray (Aden) as Choi

Ada Nicodemou as Dujour (White Rabbit Girl)

Deni Gordon as Priestess

Rowan Witt as Spoon Boy

Elenor Witt as Potential

Tamara Brown as Potential

Janaya Pender as Potential

Adryn White as Potential

Natalie Tjen as Potential

Bill Young as Lieutenant

David O'Connor as FedEx Man

Jeremy Ball as Businessman

Fiona Johnson as Woman in Red

Harry Lawrence as Old Man

Steve Dodd as Blind Man

Luke Quinton as Security Guard

Lawrence Woodward as Guard

Michael Butcher as Cop Who Captures Neo

Bernard (Bernie) Ledger as Big Cop

Robert Simper as Cop

Chris Scott as Cop

Nigel Harbach as Parking Cop & Agent Jones Stunt Double

Chad Stahelski as Neo Stunt Double

Darko Tuscan as Neo Stunt Double

Paul Doyle as Neo & Agent Smith Stunt Double

Andre 'Chyna' McCoy as Morpheus Stunt Double

Annette Van Moorsel as Trinity Stunt Double

Shea Adams as Agent Brown Stunt Double

Bob Bowles as Cypher Stunt Double

Gillian Statham as Switch Stunt Double

Nash Edgerton as Mouse Stunt Double

Ray Anthony as Stuntperson

Greg Blandy as Stuntperson

Richard Boué as Stuntperson

Scott Brewer as Stuntperson

Dave Brown as Stuntperson

Todd Bryant as Stuntperson

Michael Corrigan as Stuntperson

Harry Dakanalis as Stuntperson

Dar Davies as Stuntperson

Terry Flanagan as Stuntperson

Scotty Gregory as Stuntperson

Johnny Hallyday as Stuntperson

Brian Ellison as Stuntperson

Lou Horvath as Stuntperson

Nigel King as Stuntperson

Alex Kiss as Stuntperson

Alex Kuzelicki as Stuntperson

Ian Lind as Stuntperson

Scott McLean as Stuntperson

Phil Meacham as Stuntperson

Chris Mitchell as Stuntperson

Tony Lynch as Stuntperson

Darren Mitchell as Stuntperson

Steve Morris as Stuntperson

Brett Praed as Stuntperson

Brit Sooby as Stuntperson

Sotiri Sotiropoulos as Stuntperson

Glenn Suter as Stuntperson

Bernadette Van Gyen as Stuntperson

Marijke Van Gyen as Stuntperson

Mick Van Moorsel as Stuntperson

Warwick Young as Stuntperson

Yuen Eagle Shun Yi as HK Kung Fu

Huang Sam Kai Sen as HK Kung Fu

Lam Dion Tat Ho as HK Kung Fu

Lee Chew Tat Chiu as HK Kung Fu

Chen Tiger Hu as HK Kung Fu

Leung Madye Sing Hung as HK Kung Fu

Nils Bendix as HK Kung Fu

Daxing Zhang as HK Kung Fu

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