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Mayor Cupcake


Released 2010

Alex Pires = Director

Charles St. John Smith III = Producer

Vikki Walls = Producer

Michelle Pollino = Producer

Gordon Del Giorno = Producer

Alex Pires = Producer

Art D'Alessandro = Producer

Lea Thompson = Executive Producer

Lea Thompson as Mary Maroni

Judd Nelson as Donald Maroni

Frankie Faison as Lenny Davis

Dorian Harewood as Albert Peach

Zoey Deutch as Lana Maroni

Madelyn Deutch as Anita Maroni

Lexy Rutt as Tanya Maroni

Peter Patrikios as Greg Grudnle

Peter Schmitz as Black Bart

Michael Petted as Quail

Scott Boulware as Town Clerk Pete

Tom McCarthy as Mayor Bloodworth

Melissa Tepperman as Britney Bloodworth

Peter Pryor as Arnie Enders

Buck Schirner as Jimmy

Tom Cleary as Coach Tommy Nixon

David Mulholland as Milo Horn

Annette Kaplafka as TV Reporter

Greta Van Susteren as Herself

Gavin DeGraw as Himself

Claire Pires as Claire

Alex Pires as Angry Man

Diane Cooley as Jimmy's Customer #1

Gordon Del Giorno as Journalist

Joseph Adams as Joe the Cop

John Snow as John the Cop

Stacy Rowe as Jimmy's 'Gavin' Customer

Iman Crosson as President's Voice

Michelle Williams as Irate Bridgeville Citizen

Gino Fortebuono as Unemployed Man

Alice Pires as Jimmy's Customer #2

Marie Pires as Jimmy's Customer #3

Debbie Pires as Jimmy's Customer #4

Tim Curry as Antique Store Customer

Gregory Nardi as Homeless Man

Crystal Faulkner as Irate Bridgeville Citizen

Allen Jones as Cemetery Supervisor

Dayton Morgan Moore as Tow-truck Guy

Ian Bell as Man in Porsche

Kevin Cross as Man on Light Pole

Harold Baker as Extra

Lola Baker as Extra

Donna Bobzin as Extra

Wayne Bobzin as Extra

Hugo Casas as Extra

Jesus Escogido Garcia as Extra

Juan Carlos Barrera Garcia as Extra

Zach Harris as Extra

Tyler Hatfield as Extra

Tom Kelley as Extra

Doug Lowe as Extra

Lewis Lowe as Extra

Alejandro Martinez as Extra

Christopher Schatzschneider as Extra

John Schatzschneider as Extra

Rhonda Schatzschneider as Extra

Joey Sicilia as Extra

Edward Walls as Extra

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