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Meet The Robinsons


Released 2007

Stephen Anderson = Director

Dorothy McKim = Producer

Makul Wigert = Associate Producer

David J. Steinberg = Associate Producer

Bill Borden = Co-Producer

John Lasseter = Executive Producer

William Joyce = Executive Producer

Clark Spencer = Executive Producer

Angela Bassett as Voice of Mildred

Daniel Hansen as Voice of Lewis

Jordan Fry as Voice of Lewis

Matthew Josten as Voice of Michael 'Goob' Yagoobian

John H. H. Ford as Voice of Mr. Harrington

Dara McGarry as Voices of Mrs. Harrington & Receptionist

Tom Kenny as Voice of Mr. Willerstein

Laurie Metcalf as Voice of Lucille Krunklehorn

Don Hall as Voices of Coach & Gaston

Paul Butcher as Voice of Stanley

Tracey Miller-Zarneke as Voice of Lizzy

Wesley Singerman as Voice of Wilbur

Jessie Flower as Voice of Young Franny

Stephen John Anderson as Voices of Bowler Hat Guy, Grandpa Bud & Tallulah

Ethan Sandler as Voices of Doris, CEO, Spike, Dmitri, Laszlo, Fritz & Petunia

Harland Williams as Voice of Carl

Nathan Greno as Voice of Lefty

Kelly M. Hoover as Voice of Aunt Billie

Adam West as Voice of Uncle Art

Nicole Sullivan as Voice of Franny

Aurian Redson as Voice of Frankie

Joseph Mateo as Voice of T-Rex

Tom Selleck as Voice of Cornelius

Joe Whyte as Voice of Reporter

Cameron Covell as Additional Voices

Cooper Cowgill as Additional Voices

David Cowgill as Additional Voices

Makenna Cowgill as Additional Voices

Terri Douglas as Additional Voices

Jackie Gonneau as Additional Voices

Mick Hazen as Additional Voices

Shannon O'Connor as Additional Voices

Jordan (Del Spina) Orr as Additional Voices

Lynwood Robinson as Additional Voices

Grace Rolek as Additional Voices

Greyson Spann as Additional Voices

Krista Swan as Additional Voices

Fred Tatasciore as Additional Voices

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