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Memphis Belle


Released 1990

Michael Caton-Jones = Director

David Puttnam = Producer

Catherine Wyler = Producer

Eric Rattray = Associate Producer

Matthew Modine as Capt. Dennis Dearborn

Eric Stoltz as Sgt. Danny 'Danny Boy' Daly

Tate Donovan as 1st Lt. Luke Sinclair

D. B. Sweeney as Lt. Phil Lowenthal

Billy Zane as Lt. Val 'Valentine' Kozlowski

Sean Astin as Sgt. Richard 'Rascal' Moore

Harry Connick Jr. as Sgt. Clay Busby

Reed Edward Diamond as Sgt. Virgil Hoogesteger

Courtney Gains as Sgt. Eugene McVey

Neil Giuntoli as Sgt. Jack Bocci

David Strathairn as Col. Craig Harriman

John Lithgow as Lt. Col. Bruce Derringer

Jane Horrocks as Faith

Mac McDonald as Les

Jodie Wilson as Singer

Keith Edwards as S-2

Steven Mackintosh as Stan the Rookie

Greg Charles as Adjutant

Bradley Lavelle as Sergeant

Ben Browder as Rookie Captain

Mitch Webb as Group Navigator

Paul Birchard as Lieutenant

Bill Cullum as Farmer

Eric Loren as Cook

Cathy Murphy as Jitterbugger

Morag Siller as Jitterbugger

Steve Elm as Footballer

Jason Salkey as Footballer

Martin McDougal as Footballer

Greg Francis as Bandleader (uncredited)

Reg Hallam as Fighter Pilot

Anders Saether as Fighter Pilot

Stephen Grey as Fighter Pilot

Brian Smith as Fighter Pilot

Rob Dean as Fighter Pilot

Paul Chaplin as Fighter Pilot

Rolf Meum as Fighter Pilot

Peter John as Fighter Pilot

Hoof Proudfoot as Fighter Pilot

Peter Jarvis as Fighter Pilot

Chris Bevan as Fighter Pilot

Carl Scofield as Fighter Pilot

Walter Eichorn as Fighter Pilot

Marc Wolff as Helicopter Pilot

Peter Thompson as Helicopter Pilot

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