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Mercenary For Justice


Released 2005

Don E. FauntLeroy = Director

Randall Emmett = Producer

George Furla = Producer

Avi Lerner = Executive Producer

Danny Bimbort = Executive Producer

Trevor Short = Executive Producer

Boaz Davidson = Executive Producer

Steven Seagal = Executive Producer

Mark Damien James = Executive Producer

Steven Seagal as John Seeger

Jacqueline Lord as Maxine Barnol

Roger Guenveur Smith as Anthony Chapel

Luke Goss as John Dresham

Michael Kenneth Williams as Samuel Kay

Adrian Galley as Bulldog

Langley Jack Kirkwood as Kruger

Vivian Bieldt as Dekerk

Verity Price as Female Assistant

Bruce Young as Chief of Police Malik

Peter Butler as Ahmet Dasan

Fahruq Valley-Omar as Elder Butler

Tumi Mogoje as Eddie Jones

Faye Peters as Shondra Jones

Zaa Nikweta as Radio Jones

Ivaylo Geraskov as French Colonel

Shirly Brenner as TV Reporter

James Maritz as Laurent

Shaia Wolf as Brigid

Brent Palmer as Credit Natal Honcho

Tauriq Jenkins as Greek Army Captain

Akram Allie as Greek Army Chief of Staff

Daniel Judes as Uniformed Aide

Rudiger Eberle as French Ambassador

Julian Koberman as Kidnapper #1

Garth Collins as Motorcycle Hitman

Adries Labuschagne as Curios Cop

Julie Summers as Female Anchor Woman

George Bailey as Merc #1

Dan Hirst as Merc #3 & French Commando

Adam Horton as Merc #4 & Bank Guard #1

Adam Moon as Merc #2 & Merc #5

Jeannie de Goveia as Bank Receptionist

Herman Vontini as Kidnapper #2 & Dresham Stunt Double

Richard Thompson as Merc #6

Ceci Carter as Merc #7

Jake Mervin as Bank Guard #2 & Ambassador Butler Stunt Double

Lesley-Anne Down as Newscaster (uncredited)

Francois Grobbelaar as Policeman (uncredited)

Grant Hulley as Player (uncredited)

Paul Pieterse as Seeger Stunt Double

Georgi Georgiev as Seeger Stunt Double

Deyan (Dian) Hristov as Seeger Stunt Double

Anton Moon as Chapel & Malik Stunt Double

Louis Gouws as Bulldog Stunt Double

Morne van Tonder as Kruger Stunt Double

Daryl Andrews as Dekerk Stunt Double

Oliver Bailey as Ambassador Stunt Double

Janine Wyatt-Mair as Ambassador Wife Stunt Double

Cate Brackpool as Ambassador Daughter Stunt Double

Georgi Karulkovski as Stuntperson

Vencislav Stoyanov as Stuntperson

Dimiter Doychinov as Stuntperson

Teodor Tzolov as Stuntperson

Rumen Petrov as Stuntperson

Ivo Kehayov as Stuntperson

Radoslav Parvanov as Stuntperson

Asen Asenov as Stuntperson

Velizar Zahariev as Stuntperson

Trayan Milenov-Troy as Stuntperson

Svilen Skerlev as Stuntperson

Kalin Kerin as Stuntperson

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