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(Mission : Impossible 3)


Released 2006

J. J. Abrams = Director

Tom Cruise = Producer

Paula Wagner = Producer

Arthur Anderson = Co-Producer

Stratton Leopold = Executive Producer

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Owen Davian

Ving Rhames as Luther

Billy Crudup as Musgrave

Michelle Monaghan as Julia

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Declan

Keri Russell as Lindsey Farris

Maggie Q as Zhen

Simon Pegg as Benji

Eddie Marsan as Brownway

Laurence Fishburne as Theodore Brassel

Bahar Soomekh as Davian's Translator

Jeff Chase as Davian's Bodyguard

Michael Berry Jr. as Julia's Kidnapper

Carla Gallo as Beth

Bellamy Young as Rachael

Paul Keeley as Ken

Jane Daly as Julia's Mother

Greg Grunberg as Kevin

Sabra Williams as Annie

Rose Rollins as Ellie

Sasha Alexander as Melissa

Tracy Middendorf as Ashley

Aaron Paul as Rick

Kathryn Fiore as Party Goer

Colleen Crozier as Party Goer

Sean O'Bryan as Party Goer

Bruce French as Minister

Ellen Bry as Lindsey's Mother

Patrick Pankhurst as Lindsey's Father

Tony Guma as Jim

James Shanklin as Hospital Chaplain

Anne Betancourt as Nurse Sally

Antonietta De Lorenzo as Roadblock Driver

Andrea Sartoretti as Roadblock Driver

Antonio Del Prete as Vatican Video Room Guard

Francesco De Vito as Greeting Priest

Giorgio Marchesi as Vatican Gate Guard

Niccol˛ Senni as Vatican Gate Guard

Paolo Bonacelli as Monsignore

David Waters as IMF Officer

Michael Kehoe as Hospital Employee

Timothy Omundson as IMF Agent

JosÚ Z˙˝iga as IMF Agent Pete

William Francis McGuire as IMF Head of Security

Michelle Arthur as Airline Worker

Barney Cheng as Janitor

Robert Alonzo as Guard (uncredited)

Brandon P Bell as Party Guest (uncredited)

Michael Bennett as Vatican Party Guest (uncredited)

Paul A. Brown as Gravesite Overseer (uncredited)

Jaymes Butler as Agent (uncredited)

George Cheung as Shanghai Game Player (uncredited)

Abra Chouinard as Airline Passenger (uncredited)

Charles Rahi Chun as IMF Investigator (uncredited)

Sandi Craig as Airport Traveler (uncredited)

Jonathan Dixon as 7-Eleven Guy (uncredited)

Paul Edney as Armed IMF Agent (uncredited)

Michael Fisher as Driver on Bridge (uncredited)

Jillian Fontaine as IMF Council (uncredited)

Diane Gaeta as Assistant (uncredited)

Allison Giannini as Woman at Party (uncredited)

Yoshio Iizuka as Guard (uncredited)

Daniel Mindel as Doctor (uncredited)

Brandon Molale as Torturer (uncredited)

Douglas Price as IMF Agent (uncredited)

Kwame Rakes as Precision Driver (uncredited)

Evan Shields as Bridge Driver (uncredited)

Tim L. Smith as Precision Driver (uncredited)

Ben Solenberger as IMF & Mailroom Worker (uncredited)

Lucille Soong as Shanghai Woman (uncredited)

John H. Tobin as Vatican Security (uncredited)

Jasmine Brooke White as Customer (uncredited)

Ty Williams as Thug (uncredited)

Casey O'Neill as Cast Stunt Double

Robert Alonzo as Stuntperson

James Armstrong as Stuntperson

Nina Armstrong as Stuntperson

Scott Armstrong as Stuntperson

Wendy Armstrong as Stuntperson

Richard Burden as Stuntperson

Andy Cheng as Stuntperson

Eliza Coleman as Stuntperson

Peter Epstein as Stuntperson

Dana Dru Evenson Taavon as Stuntperson

Conrade Gamble as Stuntperson

Tanner Gill as Stuntperson

Randy Hall as Stuntperson

Terry Jackson as Stuntperson

Craig Jensen as Stuntperson

Billy D. Lucas as Stuntperson

Heidi Moneymaker as Stuntperson

Michiko Nishiwaki as Stuntperson

Eric Norris as Stuntperson

Chris Palermo as Stuntperson

Jim Palmer as Stuntperson

Dan Plum as Stuntperson

Ming Qiu as Stuntperson

Buster Reeves as Stuntperson

Kerry Rossall as Stuntperson

George A. Sack Jr. as Stuntperson

Dennis Scott as Stuntperson

Russell Solberg as Stuntperson

C. C. Taylor as Stuntperson

Mark Aaron Wagner as Stuntperson

Marcus Young as Stuntperson

Glen Yrigoyen as Stuntperson

Bruce Benson as Helicopter Pilot

Cory Fleming as Helicopter Pilot

Kevin LaRosa as Helicopter Pilot

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