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Men In Black


Released 1997

Barry Sonnenfeld = Director

Walter F. Parkes = Producer

Laurie MacDonald = Producer

Steven R. Molen = Associate Producer

Graham Place = Co-Producer

Steven Spielberg = Executive Producer

Tommy Lee Jones as Kevin Brown, Agent Kay

Will Smith as James Darrel Edwards III, Agent Jay

Linda Fiorentino as Dr. Laurel Weaver

Vincent D'Onofrio as Edgar

Rip Torn as Chief Agent Zed

Tony Shalhoub as Jack Jeebs

Siobhan Fallon as Beatrice

Mike Nussbaum as Gentle Rosenburg

Jon Gries as Nick the Van Driver

Sergio Calderón as Jose

Carel Struycken as Arquillian

Fredric (Lehne) Lane as INS Agent Janus

Richard Hamilton as Dee

Kent Faulcon as 1st Lt. Jake Jensen

John Alexander as Mikey

Keith Campbell as Perp

Ken Thorley as Zap-Em Man

Patrick Breen as Reggie Redgick

Becky Ann Baker as Mrs. Redgick

Sean Whalen as Passport Officer

Harsh Nayyar as Manny the News Vendor

Michael Willis as Cop in Morgue

Willie C. Carpenter as Police Inspector

Peter Linari as Tow Truck Driver

David Cross as Newton, Morgue Attendant

Charles C. Stevenson Jr. as MIB Agent Bee

Boris Leskin as Cook

Steve Rankin as INS Agent

Andy Prosky as INS Agent

Michael Goldfinger as NYPD sergeant

Alpheus Merchant as Security Guard

Norma Jean Groh as Mrs Edelson

Bernard Gilkey as Baseball Player

Sean Plummer as First Contact Alien

Michael Kaliski as First Contact Alien

Richard Arthur as 2nd First Contact Alien

Debbie Lee Carrington as Alien Father

Verne Troyer as Alien Son

Mykal Wayne Williams as Scared Guy

Tim Blaney as Voice of Frank the Pug

Mark Setrakian as Voice of Rosenberg Alien

Brad Abrell as Voice of Worm Guy

Thom Fountain as Voice of Worm Guy

Carl J. Johnson as Voice of Worm Guy

Drew Massey as Voice of Worm Guy

Sean Bunch as Marine Lieutenant (uncredited)

John Darrah as Army Officer (uncredited)

Karen Lynn Gorney as Announcer (uncredited)

Lee Harris as Announcer on PA system (uncredited)

Adrian Lee as Wall Street Broker (uncredited)

Fred Newman as Voices of Multiple Aliens (uncredited)

Stephanie Paliferro as INS Agent (uncredited)

Joe Paparone as Police Inspector (uncredited)

James Rosin as Wall Street Businessman (uncredited)

Eliot Sash as Police Officer #4 (uncredited)

Chloe Sonnenfeld as Alien on TV Monitors (uncredited)

Steven Spielberg as Alien on TV Monitors (uncredited)

Sylvester Stallone as Alien on TV Monitors (uncredited)

Ed Alonzo as Puppeteer

Leonard MacDonald as Puppeteer

Paul Berg as Puppeteer

Todd Mattox as Puppeteer

Howard Berger as Puppeteer

Bart Mixon as Puppeteer

Bill Bryan as Puppeteer

James Murray as Puppeteer

Mike Elizalde as Puppeteer

Tim Ralston as Puppeteer

Earl Ellis as Puppeteer

Clint Richards as Puppeteer

Eric Fiedler as Puppeteer

Steven Ritz as Puppeteer

Richard Galinson as Puppeteer

Doug Seymore as Puppeteer

Terri Hardin as Puppeteer

Steve Sherman as Puppeteer

Jurgen Heimann as Puppeteer

Rico Topazio as Puppeteer

Robin Howard as Puppeteer

Wayne Toth as Puppeteer

Len Levitt as Puppeteer

Allan Trautman as Puppeteer

John Lundberg as Puppeteer

Greg Williams as Puppeteer

Randolph LeRoi as Stuntperson

Clifford Happy as Stuntperson

David Rowden as Stuntperson

Deborah Habberstad as Stuntperson

Carol Neilson as Stuntperson

Whitey Hughes as Stuntperson

Jeff Habberstad as Stuntperson

John Branagan as Stuntperson

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