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Men In Black 3


Released 2012

Barry Sonnenfeld = Director

Walter F. Parkes = Producer

Laurie MacDonald = Producer

Paul A. Levin = Associate Producer

Joyce Cox = Co-Producer

Riyoko Tanaka = Co-Producer

Steven Spielberg = Executive Producer

G. Mac Brown = Executive Producer

Tommy Lee Jones as Kevin Brown, Agent Kay

Will Smith as James Darrel Edwards III, Agent Jay

Josh Brolin as Young Agent Kay

Jemaine Clement as Boris the Animal

Emma Thompson as Agent D

Michael Stuhlbarg as Griffin

Mike Colter as Colonel

Nicole Scherzinger as Boris' Girlfriend

Michael Chernus as Jeffrey Price

Alice Eve as Young Agent D

David Rasche as Agent X

Keone Young as Mr. Wu

Bill Hader as Andy Warhol

Cayen Martin as Colonel's Son

Clarke Thorell as Prison Guard #1

Adam Mucci as Prison Guard #2

Tom McComas as Prison Guard #3

Douglas Crosby as Prison Guard #4

Woodie King Jr. as 2012 MIB HQ Guard

Jack O'Connell as 1969 MIB HQ Guard

Tobias Segal as 1969 MIB Agent #1

Jon Shaver as 1969 MIB Agent #2

Geritt Vandermeer as 1969 MIB Agent #3

Alexandra O'Hara as Mom

Violet O'Hara as Little Chocolate Milk Girl

Valence Thomas as Coney Island Hippie

Chloe Sonnenfeld as Coney Island Flower Child

Lanny Flaherty as Obadiah Price

Jonathan O'Hara as MIB Desk Agent

Rick Baker as Brain Alien

Joseph D'Onofrio as New York Mets Fan #1

Joseph R. Gannascoli as New York Mets Fan #2

Katy Frame asw Diner Waitress

Kevin Townley as Funky 60's Dude

Stephen Brian Jones as Guru

Tyler Johnson as Muscle Boy at Happening

Kati Rediger as Muscle Boy's Girlfriend

Victor Joel Ortiz as Air Force MP #1

Charlie Barnett as Air Force MP #2

Ian Blackman as Car Theft Victim

Jeremy Beiler as Hotel Doorman

Liliane Klein as Screaming Lady on Ferris Wheel

Britt Johnson as Detained Teenage Alien

Jarede Johnston as Neil Armstrong

Ken Arnold as Buzz Aldrin

Jonathan Drew as Michael Collins

Joel Brady as 1969 Man in Elevator

David Pittu as Roman the Fabulist

Lenny Venito as Bowling Ball Head

Anthony J. Gallo as Four-Armed Alien

James Martin Kelly as 1969 NYPD Cop #1

Will McLaughlin as 1969 NYPD Cop #2

Kimmy Suzuki as Mr. Wu's Bartender

Kirk Larsen as Dead Zed

Javier Jose Rivera Nieves as Transvestite at Happening

Barry Sonnenfeld as Husband Watching Launch

Susan Ringo as Wife Watching Launch

Stephanie Ellis as Young Wife #1 Watching Launch

Ben Brown as Young Husband #1 Watching Launch

Amy Erwitt as Young Wife #2 Watching Launch

Brad Abrell as Voice of Worm

Tim Blaney as Voice of Worm

Thom Fountain as Voice of Worm

Carl J. Johnson as Voice of Worm

Chris Barnes as Stuntperson

Bobby Beckles as Stuntperson

Randy James Beckman as Stuntperson

Jared Burke as Stuntperson

Chris Cenatiempo as Stuntperson

Eliza Coleman as Stuntperson

J. Patrick Daily as Stuntperson

Steve De Castro as Stuntperson

Rockey Lee Dickey Jr. as Stuntperson

Norman Douglass as Stuntperson

Shauna Duggins as Stuntperson

Kiante Elam as Stuntperson

Mark Fichera as Stuntperson

Christopher Gordon as Stuntperson

Riley Harper as Stuntperson

Terry Jackson as Stuntperson

Martimiano Nito Larioza as Stuntperson

Drew Leary as Stuntperson

Michael Li as Stuntperson

Brian Machleit as Stuntperson

Mark Norby as Stuntperson

Chris Palermo as Stuntperson

Monte Rex Perlin as Stuntperson

Dawn Noel Pignuola as Stuntperson

Mike Pyle as Stuntperson

Kevin Randleman as Stuntperson

Marc Scizak as Stuntperson

Daniel Stevens as Stuntperson

Jake Swallow as Stuntperson

Shawnna Thibodeau as Stuntperson

David Van Zeyl as Stuntperson

Mark Wagner as Stuntperson

Jim Wilkey as Stuntperson

Marcus Young as Stuntperson

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