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The Mighty Ducks


Released 1994

Sam Weisman = Director

Jordan Kerner = Producer

Jon Avnet = Producer

Steven Brill = Co-Producer

Salli Newman = Co-Producer

Doug Claybourne = Executive Producer

Emilio Estevez as Coach Gordon Bombay

Kathryn Erbe as Michele MacKay

Michael Tucker as Tibbles

Jan Rubes as Jan

Carsten Norgaard as Coach Wolf Stansson

Maria Ellingsen as Marķa

Joshua Jackson as Charlie Conway

Elden Ryan (Henson) Ratliff as Fulton Reed

Shaun Weiss as Greg Goldberg

Matt Doherty as Lester Averman

Brandon Quintin Adams as Jesse Hall

Garette Ratliff Henson as Guy Germaine

Marguerite Moreau as Connie Moreau

Vincent A. Larusso as Adam Banks

Colombe Jacobsen(-Derstine) as Julie Gaffney

Aaron Lohr as Dean Portman

Ty O'Neal as Dwayne Robertson

Kenan Thompson as Russ Tyler

Mike Vitar as Luis Mendoza

Justin Wong as Ken Wu

Scott Whyte as Gunnar Stahl

Kai Lennox as Olaf Sanderson

Vicellous Reon Shannon as James

Noah Verduzco as Hector

Marcus Klemp as Fanger

Jon Karl Hjelm as Norbert

Michael Ooms as McGill

Casey Garven as Larson

Brock Pierce as Young Gordon

Robert Pall as Young Gordon's Father

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as Himself

Cam Neely as Himself

Chris Chelios as Himself

Luc Robitaille as Himself

Greg Louganis as Himself

Kristi Yamaguchi as Herself

Steven Brill as Celebrity at Party

Leah Lail as Terry at Party

Wayne Gretzky as Himself

Jeannette Kerner as Woman at Boutique

Mary Brill as Woman at Boutique

Jack White as Referee at Games

Michael Francis Kelly as Referee at Games

Bob Miller as Game Announcer

Joe Fowler as Reporter at Anaheim

Harve Cook as Trinidad Coach

Rodney Louis Johnson as Mr. Alley Oop

Laura Lombardi as Photo Shoot A.D.

Nancy Stephens as Coliseum Reporter

Tajsha Thomas as Coliseum Reporter

Kevin Wommack as Doo-Wop Singer

Bryant Woodert as Doo-Wop Singer

Adam A. Labaud Jr. as Doo-Wop Singer

Mike Butters as Norwegian Player (uncredited)

Stephen Dowling as Hockey Referee (uncredited)

Constance McCashin as Shopkeeper (uncredited)

Lori Moegling as One of the people on the Roller Coaster (uncredited)

Rachel Oliva as Hockey Fan (uncredited)

Nathan West as Iceland Goalie (uncredited)

Paul Hansen as Gordon Skating Double

Brooke Ballinger-White as Connie Skating Double

John Adolph as Portman Skating Double

Scott Drake as Banks Skating Double

Harry Gezalyan as Luis Skating Double

Scott Hines as Jessie Skating Double

Ryan Ford as Dwayne Skating Double

John Oliver as Julie Skating Double

Matt Ostrow as Guy Skating Double

Mac Perry as Fulton Skating Double

Brian Hymes as Goldberg Skating Double

Pete Johnston as Averman Skating Double

Joe Woolhouse as Charlie Skating Double

David May as Ken Skating Double

John Jefferson as Russ Skating Double

Todd Tosel as Wolf, Viking Skating Double

Troy Stevens as Gunnar, Viking Skating Double

Brett Schroeder as Olaf, Viking Skating Double

Matt Stanfield as Viking Skating Double

Steven Faulk as Viking Skating Double

John Torres as Viking Skating Double

David Erickson as Viking Skating Double

Jake Chambers as Viking Skating Double

Tim Acquerelli as Viking Skating Double

Chris Veenstra as Viking Skating Double

Kyle Coffman as Viking Skating Double

Justin Morrison as Viking Skating Double

Matt Knox as Viking Skating Double

Nick Dupart as Viking Skating Double

Andrew Carlson as Viking Skating Double

Ambrose Chan as Viking Skating Double

Darryl Griebel as Viking Skating Double

Nathan West as Viking Skating Double

Aaron Duncan as Viking Skating Double

Rod Levalley as Viking Skating Double

Alex Paul as Viking Skating Double

Patrick Sweeney as Viking Skating Double

Scott Holsinger as Viking Skating Double

Ryan Brenner as Viking Skating Double

Dan Doherty as Viking Skating Double

Brad Perry as Semi-Pro Skating Double

P. J. Perry as Semi-Pro Skating Double

Rohere Ward as Semi-Pro Skating Double

Kirk Forbes as Semi-Pro Skating Double

Mike Miller as Semi-Pro Skating Double

Lonnie McDermott as Semi-Pro Skating Double

Tim McDonald as Semi-Pro Skating Double

Chris Edwards as Stuntperson

John 'Doc' Elliot as Stuntperson

Patrick Romano as Stuntperson

Kurtis Epper as Stuntperson

Brooke Ballinger-White as Stuntperson

Kenny Alexander as Stuntperson

Christian J. Fletcher Stuntperson

Jimmy N. Roberts as Stuntperson

Brad Perry as Stuntperson

Mickey Cassidy as Stuntperson

Shane Dixon as Stuntperson

James H. Warren as Stuntperson

Katherine 'Katie' Boyum as Stuntperson

Steve Holladay as Stuntperson

Brian Avery as Stuntperson

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