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The Mighty Ducks


Released 1996

Robert Lieberman = Director

Jordan Kerner = Producer

Jon Avnet = Producer

Kathy L. Menzies = Associate Producer

Elizabeth Guber Stephen = Co-Producer

Steven Brill = Executive Producer

C. Tad Devlin = Executive Producer

Emilio Estevez as Gordon Bombay

Jeffrey Nordling as Coach Ted Orion

David Selby as Dean Buckley

Heidi Kling as Casey Conway

Joshua Jackson as Charlie Conway

Joss Ackland as Hans

Elden Ryan (Henson) Ratliff as Fulton Reed

Shaun Weiss as Greg 'Goldie' Goldberg

Vincent A. Larusso as Adam Banks

Matt Doherty as Lester Averman

Garette Ratliff Henson as Guy Germaine

Marguerite Moreau as Connie Moreau

Michael Cudlitz as Cole

Christopher Orr as Rick

Aaron Lohr as Dean Portman

Ty O'Neal as Dwayne Robertson

Kenan Thompson as Russ Tyler

Mike Vitar as Luis Mendoza

Colombe Jacobsen(-Derstine) as Julie 'The Cat' Gaffney

Justin Wong as Ken Wu

Scott Whyte as Scott

Margot Finley as Linda

Lynn Philip Seibel as Tom Riley

Benjamin Salisbury as Josh

Eliza Coyle as Angela Delaney

James Craven as Mr. Barber

Claudia Wilkens as Mrs. Madigan

Melissa Keller as Mindy

Samantha Harris as Cindy

Jack White as Coach Wilson

Steven Brill as Arcade Attendant

Mary Brill as Jeannie

Jeannette Kerner as Board Member

Herbert Brill as Board Member

Mike Kelly as Referee

Claire Bednarski as Gabriella

Jerry Kerner as Customer at Mickey's Diner

Bert Sandberg as Customer at Mickey's Diner

Christopher Day as Fan, Box Side (uncredited)

Stephen Dowling as Championshiop Game Ref (uncredited)

Paul Kariya as Himself (uncredited)

Jessica Ortega as Hockey Fan (uncredited)

Tomas Settell as Varsity Hockey Player (uncredited)

Jimmy Trimble as Rollerblading Charlie Double

Chris Edwards as Rollerblading Goldberg Double

Josh Duerkop as Coach Orion Skating Double

Todd Tosel as Charlie Skating Double

Peter Mullin as Fulton Skating Double

Mike Craine as Goldberg Skating Double

Matt Ostrow as Banks Skating Double

Andrew Carlson as Averman Skating Double

Garrette Noel as Guy Skating Double

Brooke Ballinger-White as Connie Skating Double

Colin Burton as Connie Skating Double

Matt Remore as Cole Skating Double

Steve Tournabee as Rick Skating Double

Dan Hurley as Portman Skating Double

Ryan Ford as Dwayne Skating Double

Titus Strohman as Russ Skating Double

Mike Moorman as Luis Skating Double

Casey Rooney as Luis Skating Double

John Oliver as Julie Skating Double

Andy Peters as Julie Skating Double

David May as Ken Skating Double

John 'Pipes' Adolph as Opposing Team Member

Josh Jorgerson as Opposing Team Member

Jaimey Bailey as Opposing Team Member

Matt Kelly as Opposing Team Member

Chad Brennan as Opposing Team Member

Darrin Kennedy as Opposing Team Member

Zach Brennan as Opposing Team Member

Aaron Laszlo as Opposing Team Member

Jamie Degriselles as Opposing Team Member

Jeremy Lewis as Opposing Team Member

Jason Evers as Opposing Team Member

Lonnie McDermott as Opposing Team Member

Greg Foster as Opposing Team Member

Chris Melak as Opposing Team Member

Ricco Guzman as Opposing Team Member

Chris Pietrzak as Opposing Team Member

Kevin Halsey as Opposing Team Member

Mark Rice as Opposing Team Member

Tyler Hutson as Opposing Team Member

Peter Sellwood as Opposing Team Member

Andrew Jones as Opposing Team Member

Wes Van Vickle as Opposing Team Member

Chad Vezina as Opposing Team Member

Katherine 'Katie' Boyum as Stuntperson

Robert 'Bob' Brown as Stuntperson

Kenny Endoso as Stuntperson

James Fierro as Stuntperson

Nita Gayle as Stuntperson

Steve Holladay as Stuntperson

Alan Hopkins as Stuntperson

Eric D. Howell as Stuntperson

Ruth Irvine-Alexander as Stuntperson

Michael Francis Kelly as Stuntperson

Rick Le Fevour as Stuntperson

Stacy Logan as Stuntperson

Matt McBride as Stuntperson

Joel K. Neubeck as Stuntperson

Jimmy Nickerson as Stuntperson

Jennifer Rose as Stuntperson

Kevin Sorenson as Stuntperson

Jeffrey M. Williams as Stuntperson

Rose Williams as Stuntperson

Lois Yaroshefsky as Stuntperson

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