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Mighty Joe Young


Released 1998

Ron Underwood = Director

Ted Hartley = Producer

Tom Jacobson = Producer

Jackie Rubin Levine = Associate Producer

James Chory = Associate Producer

Mark Lisson = Co-Executive Producer

Gary Stutman = Co-Executive Producer

Michael Fottrell = Co-Producer

Gail Katz = Executive Producer

Charlize Theron as Jill Young

Bill Paxton as Professor Gregory 'Gregg' O'Hara

Rade Serbedzija as Andrei Strasser

Peter Firth as Garth

David Paymer as Harry Ruben

Regina King as Cecily Banks

Robert Wisdom as Kwali

Naveen Andrews as Pindi

Lawrence Pressman as Dr. Elliot Baker

Linda Purl as Dr. Ruth Young

Mika Boorem as Young Jill Young

Geoffrey Blake as Vern

Christian Clemenson as Jack

Cory Buck as Jason

Liz Georges as Jason's Mother

Richard Riehle as Commander Gorman

Cynthia Allison as News Reporter

Ken Taylor as News Reporter

Ray Harryhausen as Gentleman at Party

Terry Moore as Elegant Woman at Party

Judson Mills as Impatient Driver

Tony Genaro as Boxer Shorts Man

Flo Di Re as Bambi's Owner

Kaylan Romero as Street Kid

Hernan Ruiz as Street Kid

Jenilee Deal as Street Kid

Matt Deal as Street Kid

Bethany Bassler as Cabriolet Girl

Vicki Davis as Cabriolet Girl

Deborah Kellner as Cabriolet Girl

Marguerite Moreau as Cabriolet Girl

Tracey Walter as Conservacy Guard

Larry Brandenburg as Animal Control Duty Officer

Damien Leake as Cop

Neil Kopit as Cop

Janet Eilber as Concerned Mother

Wiley M. Pickett as Police Sharpshooter

John T. Bower as Carjack Man

Hannah Swanson as Toddler

Laurie Kilpatrick as Toddler's Mom

Richard McGonagle as Panda Owner

Reno Wilson as Poacher

Theodore R. Hartley as Society Man

Dina Merrill as Society Woman

Lily Mariye as Ticket Clerk

Gary Hecker as Special Vocal Effects

Robert Schoofs as O'Hara Stand In

Cheryl Eckelberry as Jill Stand In

John Alexander as Mighty Joe Young

Mark Setrakian as Lead Puppeteer

Mike Elizalde as Joe Young Puppeteer

Jurgen Heimann as Joe Young Puppeteer

Steve Sherman as Joe Young Puppeteer

Verne Troyer as Baby Joe

John Munro Cameron as Joe's Mother Gorilla

David St. Pierre as Joe's Father Gorilla

Debbie Lee Carrington as Other Gorilla

Denise Cheshire as Other Gorilla

Rick Galinson as Puppeteer

Greg Williams as Puppeteer

Paul Romer as Puppeteer

Nick Esposto as Puppeteer

Claire Flewin as Puppeteer

Kyle Martin as Puppeteer

Darren T. Knaus as Voice of Baby Joe

Jonathan Adler as S.W.A.T. Member (uncredited)

Bhagavan Antle as Party Guest Grabbed By Joe (uncredited)

Juan Canopii as Stand In For Robert Wisdom (uncredited)

Rick Cramer as Police Pilot (uncredited)

Kacee DeMasi as Security Guard (uncredited)

Rachel Duhame as Kid (uncredited)

Sarah Gordon as Girl in Car (uncredited)

Michael Haddad as Carnival Worker (uncredited)

Arden James as Tourist (uncredited)

Robert M. Johnson as Zoo Keeper (uncredited)

Jewel McDonald as Preacher Wife & Vendor (uncredited)

Kenn Medeiros as Pedestrian (uncredited)

Bree Miller as Player (uncredited)

Scarlett Pomers as Charlotte (uncredited)

Shawna Reina as Carnival Patron (uncredited)

Greg Schaum as Ferris Wheel Operator (uncredited)

J. T. Sherwood as Security Guard (uncredited)

Sharice Zulo as Carnival Patron (uncredited)

Christopher J. Tuck as Stuntperson

Eugene Collier as Stuntperson

Jared S. Eddo as Stuntperson

Troy Gilbert as Stuntperson

Kevin Lamont Jackson as Stuntperson

Melvin Jones as Stuntperson

Jimmy M. Lewis Jr. as Stuntperson

Eric Mansker as Stuntperson

Warren Dwayne McGee as Stuntperson

Jimmy N. Roberts as Stuntperson

Shawn Robinson as Stuntperson

Patrick Romano as Stuntperson

James Ryan as Stuntperson

Anthony G. Schmidt as Stuntperson

Walter Scott as Stuntperson

John-Clay Scott as Stuntperson

Tim Trella as Stuntperson

Jim Wilkey as Stuntperson

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