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34th Street


Released 1994

Les Mayfield = Director

John Hughes = Producer

William Ryan = Executive Producer

William S. Beasley = Executive Producer

Kathrine Narducci as Mother

Mary C. McCormack as Myrna Foy

Alvin Greenman as The Doorman

Allison Janney as Woman in Christmas Shop

Greg Noonan as Cmdr. Coulson

Byrne Piven as Dr. Hunter

Peter Gerety as Cop

Richard Attenborough as Kris Kringle

Elizabeth Perkins as Dorey Walker

Dylan McDermott as Bryan Bedford

J. T. Walsh as Ed Collins

James Remar as Jack Duff

Jane Leeves as Alberta Leonard

Simon Jones as Donald Shellhammer

William Windom as C. F. Cole

Mara Wilson as Susan Walker

Robert Prosky as Judge Henry Harper

Jack McGee as Tony Falacchi

Joe Pentangelo as Bailiff

Mark Damiano II as Daniel

Casey Moses Wurzbach as Grandson

Jennifer Morrison as Denice

Peter Siragusa as Cabbie

Samantha Krieger as Sami

Horatio Sanz as Orderly

Lisa Sparrman as Rebecca Collins

Kimberly Smith as Court Clerk

Mike Bacarella as Santa

Harve Kolzow as Businessman

Bianca Rose Pucci as Little Girl

Jimmy Joseph Meglio as Little Boy

Hank Johnston as Boy

Margo Buchanan as Another Mother

Bill Buell as Band Director

Ron Beattie as Priest

Alexandra Michelle Stewart as Child

Paige Walker Leavell as Tricia

Rosanna Scotto as News Anchor

Michele Marsh as News Anchor

Joe Moskowitz as News Anchor

Lester Holt as Newscaster

Susie Park as Newscaster

Janet Kauss as Newscaster

Joss Ackland as Victor Landbergh (uncredited)

John D. Bair as Parade Turkey (uncredited)

Melinda Chilton as Reporter (uncredited)

Peter D'Alessio as Reporter (uncredited)

Brian Ferrari as Balloon Handler (uncredited)

Matthew T. Gitkin as Bridge Worker (uncredited)

Eliza Harris as Iceskater (uncredited)

Antonio Polk as Court Reporter (uncredited)

Richard Remppel as Reporter in Court Room (uncredited)

John Thurner as Newspaper Reporter (uncredited)

John Casino as Utility Stuntperson

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