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Missing In Action 2

The Beginning


Released 1985

Lance Hool = Director

Menahem Golan = Producer

Yoram Globus = Producer

Christopher Pearce = Associate Producer

Chuck Norris as Col James Braddock

Soon-Tek Oh as Col Yin

Steven Williams as Capt David Nester

Bennett Ohta as Colonel Ho

Cosie Costa as Mazilli

Joe Michael Terry as Opelka

John Wesley as Franklin

David Chung as Dou Chou

Professor Toru Tanaka as Lao

John Otrin as Soldier

Christopher Cary as Emerson

Joseph Hieu as Guard

Dean Raphael Ferrandini as Kittle

Pierre Issot as François

Mischa Hausserman as Kelly

Randon Lo as Hooker

Michiyo Tanaka as Hooker

Andrea Lowe as Hooker

Nancy Martin as Hooker

Darwin Benjamin as Stunt Double

John Barrett as Stuntperson

Tom Elliott as Stuntperson

Jeff Imada as Stuntperson

Phil Chong as Stuntperson

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