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Released 2003

Manuel Sicilia = Director

Raul Garcia = Director

Marcelino Almansa = Producer

Juan Molina = Producer

Manuel Sicilia = Producer

Manuel Cristobal = Producer

Raul Garcia = Associate Producer

Francisco Fortes = Associate Producer

Javier Dominguez = Associate Producer

Manuel Cristobal = Executive Producer

Antonio Meliveo = Executive Producer

Enrique Posner = Executive Producer

David Robles as Voice of Felix

Jose Luis Martinez as Voice of Felix (English Ver)

Cecilia Santiago as Voice of Beeea

Kate Petrie as Voices of Beeea, Doctora &

Additional Voices (English Ver)

Conchi López as Voice of Astarté

Thisbe Burns as Voice of Astarte (English Ver)

Abraham Aguilar as Voice of Gus

Julio Núñez as Voice of Noé in Memorium

Roberto Cuenca as Voice of Noé

Craig Stevenson as Voices of Rupert, Noe, Soldado

Gordo, Enfermero 2 & Additional Voices (English Ver)

Stephen Hughes as Voices of Newmann (O), Gus Enfermero 1

& Additional Voices (English Ver)

Carlos del Pino as Voice of Rupert

Pepa Castro as Voice of Doctora

Beatriz Berciano as Voice of Lincesa

Lua as Voice of Lincesa & Additional Voices (English Ver)

Javier García as Voice of Soldado Pequeño

David García as Voice of Soldado Gordo

Esperanza Pedreño as Voice of Patty

César Sarachu as Voice of Diógenes

Javier Gauna as Voices of Guarda Doñana & Topo X

Álvaro Reina as Voices of Guarda Tele & Topo Z

Javier Moreno as Voices of Guarda Comillo & Lider Pajaros

Héctor Garay as Voices of Megáfono & Topo Y

Raquel Gribler as Voices of Sra. Rupert & Garza 5

David Beteta as Voices of Topo 11 & Soldado

Cristina Glez. Reparazn as Voice of Garza 1

Pilar Coronado as Voice of Garza 3

Lorenzo Beteta as Voices of Lobo Jefe & Murcielago Patudo

Fernando Hernández as Voice of Lobo Viejo

Alvaro Rodriguez as Voice of Soldado

Juan C. Lozano as Voice of Soldado

Manuel Bellido as Voice of Soldado

Alvaro Navarro as Voice of Soldado

David Bascones as Voice of Soldado

Alvaro Reina as Voice of Soldado

Roberto Gonzalez as Voice of Soldado

Angel Gomez Bernardi as Additional Voices

Monica Felipe Larrralde as Additional Voices

Oscar Felipe Larralde as Additional Voices

Fran Galvez as Additional Voices

Antonio Romero as Additional Voices

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