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Mom's Got A Date

With A Vampire


Released 2000

Stephen Boyum = Director

Don Schain = Producer

Michael J. Nathanson = Executive Producer

Clifford Alsberg = Executive Producer

Bettina Viviano = Executive Producer

Matthew O'Leary as Adam Hansen

Laura Vandervoort as Chelsea Hansen

Myles Jeffrey as Taylor Hansen

Caroline Rhea as Lynette Hansen

Charles Shaughnessy as Dimitri Dentatos

Robert Carradine as Malachi Van Helsing

Karl Pruner as Count Krelski

Robyn Palmer as Fair Maiden

Cameron Graham as Victor

Jake Epstein as Duffy

J. Adam Brown as Boomer

John Dewey as Duffy's Brother

Kim Roberts as Miss Cruson

Patrick Gallagher as Bone

Shane Daly as Muscle Man

Desmond Campbell as Bouncer

Phillip Jarrett as Manager

Joanne Boland as Tiffany

Adeel Ahmad as Cabby

Keith Kemps as Potential Date #1

Dave Greenaway as Potential Date #2

Stephanie Knight Thomas as Waitress

Scott Gibson as Royal Crown

James Henry as Royal Crown

Daniel Bartley as Royal Crown

Edward Franklin as Royal Crown

Branko Raeki as Stunt Double for Dimitri

Anton Tyukodi as Stunt Double for Van Helsing

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