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Monsters VS Aliens


Released 2009

Conrad Vernon = Director

Rob Letterman = Director

Lisa Stewart = Producer

Susan Slagle Rogers = Associate Producer

Jill Hopper Desmarchelier = Co-Producer

Latifa Ouaou = Co-Producer

Reese Witherspoon as Voice of Susan Murphy & Ginormica

Seth Rogen as Voice of B.O.B.

Hugh Laurie as Voice of Dr. Cockroach Ph.D.

Will Arnett as Voice of The Missing Link

Kiefer Sutherland as Voice of General W. R. Monger

Rainn Wilson as Voice of Gallaxhar

Stephen Colbert as Voice of President Hathaway

Paul Rudd as Voice of Derek Dietl

Julie White as Voice of Wendy Murphy

Jeffrey Tambor as Voice of Carl Murphy

Amy Poehler as Voice of Computer

Ed Helms as Voice of News Reporter

Renée Zellweger as Voice of Katie

John Krasinski as Voice of Cuthbert

Sean Bishop as Voices of Pvt Bullhorn, Helicopter

Pilot & Advisor Ortega

Rich B. Dietl as Voices of Commander & Advisor Smith

Stephen Kearin as Voice of Technician Ben

Rob Letterman as Voices of Secret Service Man #1

& Lieutenant

Tom McGrath as Voice of Wilson

Chris Miller as Voices of Advisor Cole & Army

Commander Jones

Mike Mitchell as Voice of Advisor Wedgie

Kent Osborne as Voice of Technician Jerry

Latifa Ouaou as Voices of Advisor Ouaou, Mrs. Ronson,

Female Advisor #2 & Panicked Guest

Geoffrey Pomeroy as Voices of Soldier #4, Pilot,

Soldier #3 & News Technician

David P. Smith as Voices of Soldier #1 & Advisor Jackson

Lisa Stewart as Voice of Bridesmaid Candy

Conrad Vernon as Voices of Advisor Hawk, Advisor Dither,

Minister, Secret Service Man #2 & Mama Dietl

David Koch as Voice of Reporter (uncredited)

Pontus Olgrim as Various Voices (uncredited)

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