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Monster Mutt


Released 2011

Todd Tucker = Director

Seth William Meier = Producer

Harvey Lowry = Producer

Todd Tucker = Producer

Zack Ward = Associate Producer

Brandon Clark = Associate Producer

Julie Abrams = Associate Producer

Daniel 'Dano' Katzman = Associate Producer

Chris Nassif = Co-Producer

Candice Newland = Co-Producer

Jeff Krawczyk = Executive Producer

Jonathan Bogner = Executive Producer

Ronald L. Halvas = Executive Producer

Rhiannon Leigh Wryn as Ashley Taylor

Bart Johnson as Jeff Taylor

Billy Unger as Zack Taylor

Zack Ward as Sirus Caldwell

Juliet Landau as Natalya

Brian Stepanek as Dr. Victor Lloyd

Jacqueline Pinol as Tawni Martinez

Alastair Mackenzie as Monty

Mindy Sterling as Helen Knight

Destin Bigsby as Charlie Knight

Abigail Bankston as Snooty Little Girl

Tawni Tucker as Snooty Little Girl #2

Zackary Lowry as School Kid

John Kassir as Pet Store Pete

Todd Tucker as Officer Mark Tucker

Brandon Ellison as Delivery Man

Joe Woyjeck as EMT/Fireman

Kim Fields as Valerie Williams

China Anderson as Nicole Williams

Bob Gibson as Monster Mutt Suit Performer

Martin Astles as Monster Mutt Puppeteer #1

John Biggs as Monster Mutt Puppeteer #2

Jeff Jingle as Monster Mutt Puppeteer #3

Harvey Lowry as Monster Mutt Puppeteer #4

Max as Kasey The Dog

Lady as Chloe The Dog

Tommy Primeau as Stuntperson

Mario Perez as Stuntperson

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