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Released 2010

Gareth Edwards = Director

Allan Niblo = Producer

James Richardson = Producer

Nigel Williams = Executive Producer

Nick Love = Executive Producer

Rupert Preston = Executive Producer

Scoot McNairy as Andrew Kaulder

Whitney Able as Sam Wynden

Mario Zuniga Benavides as Ticket Seller

Annalee Jeffries as Homeless Woman

Justin Hall as Marine

Ricky Catter as Marine

Paul Archer as Marine

Kerry Valderrema as Marine

Jonathan Winnford as Marine

Stan Wong as Marine

Anthony Cristo as Marine

Mario Richardson as Marine

Jorge Quirs as Marine

Erick Arce as Marine

Emigo Munkel as Marine

Esteban Blanco as Marine

Victor Vejan as Guerrilla

Cristopher Chararria as Guerrilla

Roman Bustamante as Guerrilla

Solamon Albarran as Guerrilla

Alejandro Sotero as Guerrilla

Victorino Angulo as Guerrilla

David Alba Garcia as Guerrilla

Eduardo Guizak as Guerrilla

Alfonso Pineda as Guerrilla

Jose Garcia Gomez as Guerrilla

Erika Morales Yolando Chacon as Mother 'Erika' Bocoyna

Elsa Rascon Gonzalez as Grandmother Bocoyna

Jose Luis Morales Chacon as Bocoyna Child

Tamilez Morales Chacon as Bocoyna Child

Jonathan Cadena Chacon as Bocoyna Child

Cindy Vanessa Cadena Morales as Bocoyna Child

Javier Acosta Rodriguez as Taxi Driver

Victor Manuelo Martinez Tovar as Boat Skipper

Walter Hernandez Col as Boat Assistant

Kenedy Gamaliel Jimenez as Driver of Pickup

Truck to the Zone

Hugo Valuerde as Motorbike Driver

Roberto Saluzan as Ambulance Guy

Cesan Solauo as Ambulance Guy

Aris Martinez as Maternity Ward Nurse

Claudia Valdez as Maternity Ward Nurse

Elizabeth Blanco Sanchez as Main Receptionist @ Hospital

Gloria Soza as Second Receptionist @ Hospital

Aura Escobar as Third Receptionist @ Hospital

Max Alfredo Coe Tux as River Policeman

Ivan Sanchez as River Policeman

Erma Bradley as Lady Holding Daughter in Flood

Shelmar Bradley as Boy in Pink Top

Luis Cails Sosa Carlos as Driver of Red Pickup

Rene Moreno Lopez as Passenger in Red Pickup

Kenia Guadalupe Dominiuez Yamas Girl in Red Pickup

Jesus Jose Moreno Quezada as Boy Playing Soccer

Marta Maria Acatitla Vasquez as Corn Seller

Romeo Arista as Whistle Blower

Maria Luisa Ontanon as Dead Woman in Jungle

Refugio Tapia Rendon as Dead Woman in Jungle

Katerine Zuleika Guizar Tapia as Dead Girl in Jungle

Joagun Salazan as Policeman

Anthony Jimenez Jara as Little Boy Riding Bike

Luis Robertomonge Brenes as Man at Bar

Oscar Mario Badilla Bora as Man at Bar

Neston Herrera as Man at Bar

Iserias Antouro Morah as Barman at Harbour

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