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Mortal Kombat



Released 1997

John R. Leonetti = Director

Lawrence Kasanoff = Producer

Joshua Wexler = Associate Producer

Kevin Reidy = Co-Producer

Alison Savitch = Executive Producer

Carla Fry = Executive Producer

Brian Witten = Executive Producer

Robin Shou as Liu Kang

Talisa Soto as Kitana

James Remar as Lord Rayden

Sandra Hess as Sonya Blade

Lynn 'Red' Williams as Jax

Brian Thompson as Shao-Kahn

Reiner Schöne as Shinnok

Musetta Vander as Sindel

Irina Pantaeva as Jade

Deron McBee as Motaro

Marjean Holden as Sheeva

Litefoot as Nightwolf

Chris Conrad as Johnny Cage

John Medlen as Ermac & Stuntperson

J. J. Perry as Cyrax, Scorpion & Stuntperson

Tyrone C. Wiggins as Rain & Stuntperson

Dennis Keiffer as Baraka & Stuntperson

Ridley Tsui Po Wah as Smoke & Stuntperson

Keith Cooke Hirabayashi as Sub-Zero & Stuntperson

Lance LeGault as Elder God #1

Carolyn Seymour as Elder God #2

Dana Hee as Mileena & Stuntperson

Ray Park as Raptor #3, Tarkatan (Baraka) #2,

Rayden Double & Stuntperson

Ed Boon as Voice of Scorpion

Paul Driver as Ninja Warrior #2 (uncredited)

Steven Ho as Chan (uncredited)

Sultan Uddin as Raptor #2 (uncredited)

Nicola Berwick as Stuntperson

Billy Bradstock as Stuntperson

Mark Caso as Stuntperson

Ranae D'Amato as Stuntperson

Carlton Headley as Stuntperson

Jeff Hewitt-Davis as Stuntperson

Theo Kypri as Stuntperson

Jack Wong Wai Leung as Stuntperson

Valentino Musetti as Stuntperson

Kenji Tanigaki as Stuntperson

Kimball Uddin as Stuntperson

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