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Mostly Ghostly

Who Let The Ghosts Out?


Released 2008

Richard Correll = Director

Yvonne M. Bernard = Producer

Steven Stabler = Producer

Arthur I. Cohen = Producer

P. Jayakumar = Producer

Traceigh Scottel = Co-Producer

Jan Stine = Executive Producer

R. L. Stine = Executive Producer

Joan Waricha = Executive Producer

Sven Clement = Executive Producer

Madison Pettis as Tara

Sterling Beaumon as Max Doyle

Luke Benward as Nicky

Brian Stepanek as Phears

David DeLuise as John Doyle

Kim Rhodes as Harriett Doyle

Adam Hicks as Colin Doyle

Ali Lohan as Traci

Sabrina Bryan as Mrs. Murray

Rachel Winfree as Lulu

Travis T. Flory as Billy

Juliette C. Clair as Mrs. Wright

Dylan Tucker as Mike

Melanie Hawkins as Nancy

Adrianna Belan as Trick or Treat Mom

Noah Lindsey Cyrus as Trick or Treater

Kimberly Kevon Williams as Girlfriend

Abby Pivaronas as Rebecca

Brandon Ellison as Ghoul

Todd Tucker as Ghoul

Harvey Lowry as Ghoul

Martin Astles as Ghoul

Prudence Kula as Ghost Puppeteer

Yvonne Bernard as Ghost Puppeteer

Judy Sharinger as Ghost Puppeteer

Moe as Buster

Chelsea Rae Bernier as Student Laughing on Bus (uncredited)

Emily Grace Reaves as Trick or Treater (uncredited)

Finn Henry Snyder as Trick or Treater (uncredited)

Diego Acuna as Clown (uncredited)

Sarah Agor as Student (uncredited)

Twyla Banks as Screaming Student (uncredited)

Kari Benson as Student (uncredited)

Dustin Coffey as Zombie Captor (uncredited)

Kelly Devoto as Student (uncredited)

Derek DuChesne as Skateboarder (uncredited)

Ian Fisher as Nosferatu (uncredited)

Kara Michelle Hyatt as Student (uncredited)

Kristen Kelly as Student (uncredited)

Natalina Maggio as Student (uncredited)

Angel Princess as Student (uncredited)

Sean Rogers as Bullied Student (uncredited)

Stephanie Ann Rose as Student (uncredited)

Amanda Stanton as Sam (uncredited)

Ron Althoff as Stuntperson

Dimitri Diatchenko as Stuntperson

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