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Mr. Accident


Released 2000

Yahoo Serious = Director

Yahoo Serious = Producer

Warwick Ross = Producer

Lulu (Pinkus) Serious = Co-Producer

David Roach = Co-Producer

Yahoo Serious as Roger Crumpkin & Roger's Stunts

Helen Dallimore as Sunday Valentine & Sunday's Stunts

David Field as Duxton Chevalier, Duxton's Stunts & Sir Walter Raleigh

Grant Piro as Lyndon

Jeanette Cronin as Constable Rikki

Garry McDonald as Kelvin Chevalier

David Hoey as Roger's Father

Felix Williamson as Rats

Pippa Grandison as Nightclub Natasha

Bob Downe as Fridge Salesman

Lisbeth Gorr as Cpl. Brigitte

Paul Livingston as Enigmatic Stranger

Branden Zandstra as Young Roger Crumpkin

Celine Boudelot as Roger's Mother

Louis Roach as Roger's Brother

Christina 'Tiny' Ross as Roger's Sister

Warwick Ross as Pawnbroker

David Roach as Stoned Neighbour

Peanut as Audrey the Dog

David Baldwin as Hanson

Paul Cordeiro as Danni

Annalise Braakensiek as Fay

Enrico Babic as Vern

Jane Markey as Prudish Woman

Jeremy Shadlow as Husband Harvey

Russell Cheek as Photographer

Lulu (Pinkus) Serious as Rock Clip Chick

Simon Martin as Skiing Neighbor

Jacinta Hennesy as Skier's Wife

Peter Callan as Bob

Vanessa Steele as Janet

Ruby Valentine as Baby

Joanne Corrigan as Baby's Mother

Peter Lucuik as Executioner

Robert Underhill as Bus Driver

Linda Ward as Rikki's Body Double

Lelanya Gutierrez as Navy Girl

Christopher Powell as Little Roger's Hand

Alice Pead as Grandmother

Terry Pead as Grandfather

Warren Wilson as Tobacco Pusher

John Zakrzewski as Tobacco Executive

William Ross as Luke Crosswalker

Madeleine Ross as Terrified Pedestrian

Ian Tait as Forensic Cop

Barry as Roger's Goldfish

Max as Wayne the Dog

Nash Edgerton as Stunt Driver

Brett Praed as Stunt Driver

Tim Parry as Stunt Driver

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