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Mr. Magorium's

Wonder Emporium


Released 2007

Zach Helm = Director

Barbara A. Hall = Producer

Richard N. Gladstein = Producer

James Garavente = Producer

Jim Miller = Associte Producer

Joe Drake = Executive Producer

Nathan Kahane = Executive Producer

Ted Ludzik as Bellini, The Bookbuilder

Natalie Portman as Molly Mahoney, The Composer

Zach Mills as Eric Applebaum, The Hat Collector

Dustin Hoffman as Mr. Edward Magorium, Avid Shoe-Wearer

Madalena Brancatella as Jessica, Who Got a Cowboy Hat

Paula Boudreau as Brenda, Who Wants a Mobile

Mike Realba as Dave Wolf, Who's An Engineer

Steve Whitmire as Kermit The Frog Preformed By

Liam Powley-Webster as Andy, The Boy Who Likes To Color

Marcia Bennett as Lora, Who Wants A Fire Engine

Jason Bateman as Henry Weston, The Mutant

Oliver Masuda as Jordan, Who Said Hi

Samantha Harvey as Cassie, The Girl Chased By A Goose

Jesse Bostick as Derek, Who Opened The Door

Isaac Durnford as Jason, Who's A Little Too Curious

Daniel Gordon as Jimmy, Who Captures The Ball

Rebecca Northan as Ellie Applebaum, The Mom

Dash Grundy as Ari, Who Wants A Book

Dylan Authors as Mark, Who Fingerpaints

Aidan Koper as Brett, The Yo-Yo Guy

Lin Lin Feng as Angie, Who Nearly Was Hit By A Blimp

He Wen as Larry, Who Held On For Dear Life

Gan Zhen as David, Who Held On For Dear Life

Quancetia Hamilton as Gia, With A Squid On Her Head

Matt Baram as Eddie, The Dentist

Jonathan Potts as Dr. Dunn, Who Gives People Sedatives

Matthew Peart as Wyatt, Who Sells Hot Dogs

David Rendall as Tim, The Hot Dog Manager

Kiele Sanchez as Mrs. Goodman, Who Wants The Store

David Collins as Tom, The Realtor

Michael Costa-Parke as Jack, Who Thinks It's Magic

Milo Gladstein as Milo, Who's Not Bad

David Powell as Puppeteer

Ann Powell as Puppeteer

Johan Vandergun as Puppeteer

Gord Roberton as Puppeteer

Trish Leeper as Puppeteer

Eric Woolfe as Puppeteer

Karen Valleau as Puppeteer

Bob Stutt as Puppeteer

Ben Deutsch as Puppeteer

Frank Meschkuleit as Puppeteer

Todd Doldersum as Puppeteer

Matt Ficner as Puppeteer

Mike Petersen as Puppeteer

Pat Lewis as Puppeteer

Shayna Segal as Mahoney Stunt Double

Dave Van Zeyl as Magorium Stunt Double

Chloe Jones as Eric Stunt Double

Wen Hao Xiao as Eric Stunt Double

Xiang Li as Eric Stunt Double

Taryn Ash as Stunt Shopper

Ciara Jones as Stunt Shopper

Dana Jones as Stunt Shopper

Max McBride as Stunt Shopper

Tyler Rushton as Stunt Shopper

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