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Mrs. Doubtfire


Released 1993

Chris Columbus = Director

Marsha Garces Williams = Producer

Robin Williams = Producer

Mark Radcliffe = Producer

Paula DuPré = Associate Producer

Joan Bradshaw = Co-Producer

Matthew Rushton = Executive Producer

Robin Williams as Daniel Hillard & Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire

Sally Field as Miranda Hillard

Pierce Brosnan as Stuart 'Stu' Dunmeyer

Harvey Fierstein as Uncle Frank Hillard

Polly Holliday as Gloria Chaney

Lisa Jakub as Lydia 'Lydie' Hillard

Matthew Lawrence as Christopher 'Chris' Hillard

Mara Wilson as Natalie 'Nattie' Hillard

Robert Prosky as Jonathan Lundy

Anne Haney as Mrs. Sellner - the Social Worker

Scott Capurro as Aunt Jack Hillard

Sydney Walker as Bus Driver

Joe Bellan as TV Boss

Martin Mull as Justin Gregory

Terence McGovern as ADR Director Lou

Karen Kahn as Employee

Eva Gholson as Employee

James Cunningham as Employee

Ralph Peduto as Cop

Scott Beach as Judge

Juliette Marshall as Miranda's Attorney

Drew Letchworth as Daniel's Attorney

Jessica Myerson as Granny 'Warden', Miranda's Mother

Sharon Lockwood as Alice

Jim Cullen as Thug

Kenneth Loo as Staring Boy #1

Jeff Loo as Staring Boy #2

Betsy Monroe as Stunning Woman

Joseph Narducci as Delivery Boy

James S. Cranna as Ron

Dr. Toad as Bartender

Adele Proom as Lundy's Secretary

Rick Overton as Maitre D'

Dan Spencer as Cook

Paul Guilfoyle as Head Chef

Molly McClure as Housekeeper

Andrew L. Prosky as TV Director

William Newman as Mr. Sprinkles, the Mailman

Chris Pray as Puppeteer & Voice of 'Kovacs' the Chimp

Geoff Bolt as Lundy's Waiter

Dick Bright as Stuart's Waiter

Adam Bryant as Man in Men's Room

Tavia Cathcart as Hostess Tanya

C. Beau Fitzsimons as Valet #1

Jeff Moeller as Valet #2

Benne Alder as Woman in Restroom

Smadar Hanson as Waitress (uncredited)

Mary Mackey as Restaurant Guest (uncredited)

Lori Moegling as Chris' Friend at Party (uncredited)

Patrick Banta as Stuntperson

Leon Delaney as Stuntperson

David Lyle Draves as Stuntperson

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