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Mulan 2


Released 2004

Darrell Rooney = Director

Lynne Southerland = Director

Jennifer Blohm = Producer

Ming-Na as Voice of Mulan

B. D. Wong as Voice of Shang

Mark Moseley as Voice of Mushu

Lucy Liu as Voice of Mei

Harvey Fierstein as Voice of Yao

Sandra Oh as Voice of Ting Ting

Gedde Watanabe as Voice of Ling

Lauren Tom as Voice of Su

Jerry Tondo as Voice of Chien-Po

Pat Morita as Voice of Emperor

George Takei as Voice of First Ancestor

June Foray as Voice of Grandma Fa

Freda Foh Shen as Voice of Fa Li

Soon-Tek Oh as Voice of Fa Zhou

Frank Welker as Voice of Cri-Kee

Jeff Bennett as Additional Voice

Jillian Henry as Additional Voice & Voice of Sha-Ron

Michelle Kwan as Additional Voice & Voice of Shopkeeper

Tress MacNeille as Additional Voice

Liliana Mumy as Additional Voice

Rob Paulsen as Additional Voice

Kevin Michael Richardson as Additional Voice

Brian Tochi as Additional Voice

April Winchell as Additional Voice

Keone Young as Additional Voice

Randy Crenshaw as Singing Voice (uncredited)

Hayley Westenra as Singing Voice (uncredited)

Judy Kuhn as Singing Voice of Princess Ting Ting (uncredited)

Grace Rolek as Additional Voice (uncredited)

Beth Blankenship as Additional Voice (uncredited)

Mandy Gonzalez as Additional Voice (uncredited)

Jessica Rotter as Additional Voice (uncredited)

Judy Kuhn as Singing Voice of Ting Ting (uncredited)

Mary Gibbs as Voice of Sha-Ron (uncredited)

Miriam Margolyes as Voice of The Matchmaker (uncredited)

Lea Salonga as Singing Voice of Mulan (uncredited)

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