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The Munsters' Revenge


Released 1981

Don Weis = Director

Don Nelson = Co-Producer

Arthur Alsberg = Co-Producer

Edward J. Montagne = Executive Producer

Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster

Al Lewis as Grandpa

Yvonne DeCarlo as Lily Munster

K. C. Martel as Eddie Munster

Jo McDonnell as Marilyn

Bob Hastings as Phantom of the Opera

Peter Fox as Glen Boyle

Herbert Voland as Police Chief Harry Boyle

Charles Macaulay as Police Commissioner

Colby Chester as Michael

Joseph Ruskin as Paulo

Sid Caesar as Dr. Dustin Diablo

Howard Morris as Igor

Ezra Stone as Dr. Lichtlighter

Michael McManus as Ralph

Sandy-Alexander Champion as Patrolman Pete

Gary Vinson as Patrolman Larry

Billy Sands as Shorty

Barry Pearl as Warren Thurston

Al White as Prisoner

Tom Newman as Slim

Anita Dangler as Elvira

Dolores Mann as Mrs. Furnstrom

Hillary Horan as The Girl

Kenny Rhodes as The Boy

Read Morgan as Loader #2

Mickey Deems as Loader #1

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