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The Munsters'

Scary Little Christmas


Released 1996

Ian Emes = Director

Michael R. Joyce = Producer

Tony Winley = Co-Producer

Leslie Belzberg = Executive Producer

John Landis = Executive Producer

Sam McMurray as Herman Munster

Ann Magnuson as Lily Munster

Bug Hall as Eddie Munster

Sandy Baron as Grandpa

Mary Woronov as Mrs. Dimwitty

Ed Gale as Larry

Arturo Gil as Lefty

Mark Mitchell as Santa

Jeremy Callaghan as Tom

Elaine Hendrix as Marilyn

John Allen as Mr. Pawlikowski

Noel Ferrier as Door Knocker

Bruce Spence as Mr. Gateman

Kate Fisher as Pretty Girl in Bar

Ann Dane as Mrs. Stein

Patricia Howson as Mrs. Matagrano

Dominic Condon as Snooty Onlooker #1

Jonathan Biggins as Snooty Onlooker #2

Alan Zitner as Cop

Daniel Kellie as Glen

Michael Hamilton as Hector Barberi

Malcolm Mudway as Burly Biker

Charles Russell as Executioner Elf

Michael Tauro as Effigy Elf

David Anderson as Mr. Matagrano

Viv Carter as Irate Shop Owner

Julie Herbert as Nurse

Beth Armstrong as Salvation Army Santa

Jalsyn Colby as Chimney Sweep

Robert Staader as Reindeer Biker #1

Brett Samuels as Reindeer Biker #2

Michael Thrift as Reindeer Biker #3

Robert Yearly as Reindeer Biker #4

Neil Johns as Reindeer Biker #5

Peter Leask as Reindeer Biker #6

Barry Evans as Reindeer Biker #7

Christian Manon as Creature From Black Lagoon

Justin Case as Mummy

Francois Bocquet as Hockey Masked Psycho

Andrew Windsor as Moleman

Renee Askar as Zombie

Lou Pollard as Zombie

Brian Langsworth as Zombie

Ben Grieve as Werewolf

Jason Taylor as Phantom of the Opera

Brett Wood as Invisible Man

David Anthony as Cyclops

Donald Cook as Hunchback of Notre Dame

Troy Livermore as Devil

Lucy Clifford as Witch

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