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My Brother

The Pig


Released 1999

Erik Fleming = Director

Dan Reardon = Producer

Philip Botana = Producer

Scott E. Vandiver = Producer

Adam Novak = Associate Producer

Stephen Eckelberry = Associate Producer

Deborah Thompson Duda = Co-Producer

Robert E. Baruc = Executive Producer

Nick Fuoco as George Caldwell

Scarlett Johansson as Kathy Caldwell

Judge Reinhold as Richard Caldwell

Romy (Windsor) Walthall as Dee Dee Caldwell

Eva Mendez as Matilda

Alex D. Linz as Freud

Bronko as Pig George

Gloria as Pig George

Patches as Pig George

Piggy as Pig George

Red as Pig George

Trouble as Pig George

Paul Renteria as Border Guard

Renee Victor as Grandma Berta

Cambria Gonzalez as Mercedes

Nicole Zarate as Annie

Eduardo Antonio Garcia as Luis

Siri Baruc as Tourist Girl

Charlie Combes as Tourist Dad

Dee Ann Johnston as Tourist Mom

Marco Rodríguez as Edwardo

Rob Johnston as Taxi Driver

Dee Bradley Baker as Voice of Pig George

Aliza Washabaugh as Stunt Double: Matilda

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