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My Favorite Martian


Released 1999

Donald Petrie = Director

Robert Shapiro = Producer

Jerry Leider = Producer

Marc Toberoff = Producer

Daryl Kass = Co-Producer

Barry Bernardi = Executive Producer

Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Martin

Jeff Daniels as Tim O'Hara

Elizabeth Hurley as Brace Channing

Daryl Hannah as Lizzie

Wallace Shawn as Coleye

Christine Ebersole as Mrs. Brown

Michael Lerner as Mr. Channing

Ray Walston as Armitan

Zoot as Himself

Shelley Malil as Felix

Jeremy Hotz as Billy

T. K. Carter as Lenny

Dawn Maxey as Salesgirl

Steven Anthony Lawrence as Nurplex Kid

Michael Chieffo as Earl Metz

Troy Evans as Captain Dalton

Arthur Senzy as Cmdr. Murdoch

Charles Rahi Chun as Radar Controller

Michael Dempsey as Van Gundy

David St. James as Prescott

Dee Anne Helsel as Dressing Room Woman

Joe Garrett as Hardware Store Employee

Lorin McRaley as Cool Dude

Ken Thorley as KGSC-TV Floor Manager

Tom Hallick as Howard Greenly

Barry Pearl as News Director

Buck Kartalian as Muscle Man

Steve Bond as The SETI Group Driver

Sylvester 'Bear' Terkay as Huge Guard

Michael Bailey Smith as Big Guard

Jean-Luc Martin as Guard at Gate

Christian Keiber as Guard at Clearing

Rick Kleber as Mr. Butz

Debra Christofferson as Mrs. Butz

Howard H. Ross as Newspaper Man

Allan Kolman as Scientist

Robert Rigamonti as Scientist

Pamela Gordon as Scientist

Beau Billingslea as Scientist

Michael Adler as Scientist

Frank Cavestani as Tanning Contest Emcee

Wayne Knight as Voice of Zoot (uncredited)

Todd Bryant as Stuntperson

Edward Conna as Stuntperson

Donna Evans as Stuntperson

Frankie 'G' Garbutt as Stuntperson

Tom Jo-Jo Gianelli as Stuntperson

Dale Gibson as Stuntperson

Mickey Gilbert as Stuntperson

Dana Hee as Stuntperson

Fred Lerner as Stuntperson

Irving E. Lewis as Stuntperson

Ray Lykins as Stuntperson

Robert Martinez as Stuntperson

Alan Oliney as Stuntperson

Noon Orsatti as Stuntperson

Chad Parker as Stuntperson

Ben Scott as Stuntperson

Spike Silver as Stuntperson

Chad Stahelski as Stuntperson

Pete Turner as Stuntperson

Bob Yerkes as Stuntperson

Mark Yerkes as Stuntperson

George Bernota as Martian Puppeteer

Evan Brainard as Martian Puppeteer

Steve Buscaino as Martian Puppeteer

Yuri Everson as Martian Puppeteer

Steve Frakes as Martian Puppeteer

Hiroshi Ikeuichi as Martian Puppeteer

Luke Khanlian as Martian Puppeteer

Len Levitt as Martian Puppeteer

John Lundberg as Martian Puppeteer

Greg Manion as Martian Puppeteer

Tony Matijevich as Martian Puppeteer

Christine Papalexis as Martian Puppeteer

Dave Penikas as Martian Puppeteer

Anton Ruprecht as Martian Puppeteer

Shannon Shea as Martian Puppeteer

N. Brock Winkless IV as Martian Puppeteer

Peter McKernan as Helicopter Pilot

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