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My Magic Dog


Released 1997

John Putch = Director

Ashok Amritraj = Producer

Andrew Stevens = Producer

Ciro Dammicco = Executive Producer

Pablo Dammicco = Executive Producer

Robert Baruc = Executive Producer

Leo Milbrook as Chet

Bryan Mendez as Toby

Jessica Knoblauch as Phoebe

Sarah Tinnon as Sam

Russ Tamblyn as Vito

Kate Doughan as Aunt Violet

John Ermin as Harry

Jerry Turner as Larry

John Phillip Law as Peter Avelino

J. C. Richards as Officer Nelson

Sharon Alsina as Greta

T. L. Brooke as Wanda

Robert Lepucki as Goatee Waiter

Michael V. Pizzuto as Spit-take Guy

Jake (Jerry P. Jacobs) as Guy Who Killed Lucky & 'Pasta Talk' Host

(John) Putch as 'Pasta Talk' Host

Comet as Lucky the Dog

Ajax as Lucky the Dog

McGoo as Bartholemew the Poodle

Tony Friedman as Rude Mover #1

Matthew Herron as Rude Mover #2

Alicia Valdez as Toby's Mom

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