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My Stepmother Is An Alien


Released 1988

Richard Benjamin = Director

Ronald Parker = Producer

Franklin R. Levy = Producer

Laurence Mark = Executive Producer

Art Levinson = Executive Producer

Dan Aykroyd as Steven Mills

Kim Basinger as Celeste Martin

Jon Lovitz as Ron Mills

Alyson Hannigan as Jessie Mills

Joseph Maher as Lucas Budlong

Seth Green as Fred Glass

Ann Prentiss as Voice of Bag

Wesley Mann as Grady

Tony Jay as Council Chief

Peter Bromilow as Second in Command

Nina Henderson as Cashier

Harry Shearer as Voice of Carl Sagan

Adrian Sparks as Dr. Morosini

Juliette Lewis as Lexie

Tanya Fenmore as Ellen

Karen Haber as Kristy

Amy Kirkpatrick as Kimberly

Suzie Plakson as Tenley

Robert Benedetti as Drill Sergeant

Jim Doughan as Party Guest

Jay McCaslin as Party Guest

Jim Jackman as Party Guest

Kevin McDermott as Olaf

Robyn Mandell as Kat

Lisa Croisette as Group Captain Winnek Wolfet

Sophia Bowen as 12th Navigational Command

Shea Bowen as 12th Navigational Command

Gabi as 12th Navigational Command

Gina Raymond as 12th Navigational Command

Susan Carlsberg as 12th Navigational Command

Maxine Wasa as Porn Actress

James Edwards as Porn Actor

Earl Boen as Reverend

Michele Rogers as Skippy Budlong

Chere Rae as Station Wagon Driver

Peanut as Dave the Dog

Pat Brymer as Puppeteer

Jeffrey J. Dashnaw as Stuntperson

Tracy Keehn-Dashnaw as Stuntperson

Chere Rae as Stuntperson

Kristyn Randall as Stuntperson

Danny Rogers as Stuntperson

Ben Scott as Stuntperson

Dianne L. Wilson as Stuntperson

Dick Ziker as Stuntperson

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