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Mystery Men


Released 1999

Kinka Usher = Director

Lawrence Gordon = Producer

Mike Richardson = Producer

Lloyd Levin = Producer

Steven Gilder = Co-Producer

Robert Engelman = Executive Producer

Hank Azaria as Blue Raja

Janeane Garofalo as Bowler

William H. Macy as Shoveler

Kel Mitchell as Invisible Boy

Paul Reubens as Spleen

Ben Stiller as Furious

Wes Studi as Sphinx

Greg Kinnear as Captain Amazing & Lance

Geoffrey Rush as Casanova Frankenstein

Lena Olin as Dr. Anabel Leek

Eddie Izzard as Tony P

Artie Lange as Big Red

Prakazrel Michel as Tony C

Claire Forlani as Monica

Tom Waits as Doc Heller

Louise Lasser as Violet

Ricky Jay as Vic Weems

Jenifer Lewis as Lucille

Ernie Lee Banks as Ted

Gerry Becker as Banyon

Ned Bellamy as Funk

Corbin Bleu as Butch

Philip Bolden as Roland

Jason 'Jake' Cross as Thug

Emmy Laybourne as Reporter

Mason Lucero as Young Kid

Monet Mazur as Becky Beaner

Joel McCrary as McGuire

Christopher Mugglebee as Reporter

Olivia Lauren Todd as Tracy

Frederick Usher as Thug

Kinka Usher as Moe

Gayle Vance as Sally

Adrian Armas as Disco Boy, Cassanova Gang

Gichi Gamba as Disco Boy, Cassanova Gang

Thomas Lake as Disco Boy, Cassanova Gang

Robert Musselman as Disco Boy, Cassanova Gang & Ballerinaman

Solo Scott as Disco Boy, Cassanova Gang

Erik Michael Tristan as Disco Boy, Cassanova Gang

James C. Duke as Big Tobacco

Angelica Bridges as Furrier

Ungela Brockman as Furrier

Kimberly James as Furrier

Andreea Radutoiu as Furrier

Michael Bay as Frat Boy

Noah Blake as Frat Boy

Riki Rachtman as Frat Boy

Robert Barbett aka T-Mo as Rapper

Thomas Burton aka Cee-Lo as Rapper

Cameron Gipp aka Big Gipp as Rapper

Willie Knighton Jr. aka Khujo as Rapper

Michael Chieffo as Suit

Gil Christner as Suit

Carl Strand as Suit

Robert Chow as Susie

John Brantley Cole as Susie

Steven Jang as Susie

Sung Kang as Susie

Sasha Bray as Disco Girl

Sunny Görg as Disco Girl

Shane Johnson as Disco Girl

Jennifer Lee Keyes as Disco Girl

Marie Matiko as Disco Girl

Jody Watley as Disco Girl

Margaret Wheeler as Old Lady

Billy Beck as Old Man

Robert P. Lieb as Old Man

Florence Stone Fevergeon as Old Party Goer

Sarah Kane as Old Party Goer

Ed Denette as Old Veteran

Nori T. Gehr as Back-Up Singer

Kiko Kiko as Back-Up Singer

Kiyoko Yamaguchi as Back-Up Singer

Mark Mothersbaugh as Band Leader

Nancye Ferguson as Singer

Katie Adams as Dancer

Shirley Bowden as Dancer

Helen Etting as Dancer

Lu Gay as Dancer

Valerie Gitter as Dancer

Mac Greenstein as Dancer

C. Elane Innes as Dancer

Irene Kamsler as Dancer

Miriam R. Lawless as Dancer

Teresa MacLean as Dancer

Joanne McDermott as Dancer

Crystal Gaer White as Dancer

Joann Richter as Powerwoman

Stacey Travis as Powerwoman

Larkin Campbell as Supervacman

Oliver Clark as Reverse Psychologist

Jack Plotnick as Mr. Pups

Dane Cook as Waffler

Vince Melocchi as Mailman

Doug Jones as Pencilhead

Vincent Bowman as Son of Pencilhead

Vylette Fagerholm as Little Miss Vengence

Dana Gould as Squeegeeman

Branden Williams as Maintainer

Aaron Priest, The Monkey Brothers as The Artiste

Robert B. Martin Jr., The Monkey Brothers as Big Billy Hill Billy

Gabrielle Conferti as PMS Avenger

Jeff Z. Danziger as Radio Man

Wilbert Sampson as Pig

Kenneth W. Watts as Pig

Elliot Durant III as Martial Artist

Anthony Sebastian Marinelli as Gorilla

Drinda E. Shaneyfelt as Evil Devil Woman

Félix Castro as Globalman

Michael Craig as Gardener

Ronald Lasky as Bullfighter

David Still as Stilt Man

Jonathan Khan as Fisherman

Jerry Farmer as Thirstyman

Cody Kurz as Jay Mann (uncredited)

Lucas Meyers as Citizen Kane (uncredited)

Eiko Nijo as Bride (uncredited)

Dawn Marie Warnock as Dead Woman's Daughter (uncredited)

Tsuyoshi Abe as Stuntperson

Pat Banta as Stuntperson

Perry Barndt as Stuntperson

David Barrett as Stuntperson

Christine Anne Baur as Stuntperson

Bobbi Blackford as Stuntperson

Mary R. Boss as Stuntperson

Joey Box as Stuntperson

Buff Brady as Stuntperson

Troy James Brown as Stuntperson

Bobby Andrew Burns as Stuntperson

Matt Byrne as Stuntperson

Darryl Chan as Stuntperson

Ron Del Bario as Stuntperson

Paula Dell as Stuntperson

Jared S. Eddo as Stuntperson

Kofi Elam as Stuntperson

Jeannie Epper as Stuntperson

Joe Finnegan as Stuntperson

George Fisher as Stuntperson

Tim Gilbert as Stuntperson

Troy Gilbert as Stuntperson

Sandra Lee Gimpel as Stuntperson

Bo Greigh as Stuntperson

Hollis Hill as Stuntperson

Leslie Hoffman as Stuntperson

Peter Horak as Stuntperson

Chuck 'Chaz' Hosack as Stuntperson

Diana Lee Inosanto as Stuntperson

Cody Jarrett as Stuntperson

Robert Jauregui as Stuntperson

Julie Ann Johnson as Stuntperson

Shawn Kautz as Stuntperson

David LeBell as Stuntperson

Gene LeBell as Stuntperson

Willie Leong as Stuntperson

Clint 'Burkey' Lilley as Stuntperson

Joyce McNeal as Stuntperson

Victor Paul as Stuntperson

Phillip Rapagna as Stuntperson

Mario Roberts as Stuntperson

Shawn Robinson as Stuntperson

Erik Rondell as Stuntperson

James Ryan as Stuntperson

Fred Scheiwiller as Stuntperson

Karen Sheperd as Stuntperson

Tony Snegoff as Stuntperson

Gary Toy as Stuntperson

Kaye Wade as Stuntperson

Glen Yrigoyen as Stuntperson

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