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My Super Ex-Girlfriend


Released 2006

Ivan Reitman = Director

Gavin Polone = Producer

Arnon Milchan = Producer

Bill Carraro = Executive Producer

Uma Thurman as Jenny Johnson, G-Girl

Luke Wilson as Matt Saunders

Anna Faris as Hannah Lewis

Rainn Wilson as Vaughn Haige

Eddie Izzard as Professor Bedlam, Barry

Stelio Savante as Leo

Mike Iorio as Lenny

Mark Consuelos as Steve Velard

Wanda Sykes as Carla Dunkirk

Margaret Anne Florence as Shapely Bartender

Catherine Reitman as TV News Reporter

Tara L. Thompson as Young Jenny

Kevin Townley as Young Barry

Eva Veronika as Elderly Lady

Lawrence Feeney as Scary Dude

Lou Bonacki as Parking Lot Manager

Jeff Norris as NYPD Officer at Garage

Greg Northrop as NYPD Officer at Station

Fallon Brooking as Young Girl

Richard Kenneth Brevard Jr. as Thief

Ron Moreno as Thief

Peter Patrikios as Thief

Santos as Thief

Lillian Lynn as Pedestrian at Robbery

Traver Rains as Himself

Richie Rich as Himself

Emily Girvin as Bride

Abraham Sparrow as Businessman

Clem Cheung as Asian Businessman

Clint Chin as Asian Businessman

Angel Sing as Asian Businessman

Ben Wang as Asian Businessman

Tara DiGiore as Cheerleader

Tiffany Haupt as Cheerleader

Adam Bedri as Bar Patron (uncredited)

Ilona Alexandra as Aerobics Girl (uncredited)

Isaac Betancourt-Sabillon as Fashion Show Patron (uncredited)

Amanda Saphire Billingham as Madison Ave. Shopper (uncredited)

Erin Boyes as Cheerleader (uncredited)

Edixon Caridad as Guy in Restaurant (uncredited)

Christopher DeBlasio as New York Guy (uncredited)

Desiree Dymond as Heatherette Model (uncredited)

Ray Fonseca as Street Vendor (uncredited)

Edwin Freeman as NYPD Officer at Station (uncredited)

Andrew Friedman as Neighbor at End (uncredited)

Juliana Harkavy as Passerby (uncredited)

Katherine Hoskins Mackey as Businesswoman (uncredited)

Olja Hrustic as Excited Girl in the Restaurant (uncredited)

Julie Jei as Female New Yorker (uncredited)

Edward M. Kelahan as Taxi Driver (uncredited)

Ryan Maloney as Man on Street (uncredited)

Jennifer Merrill as Art Gallery Assistant (uncredited)

Loukas Papas as G-Girl Chanter (uncredited)

Rik Parker as Guy in Restaurant (uncredited)

Brian Robinson as Tall Office Guy (uncredited)

Kenneth Simmons as Prison Guard (uncredited)

Stream as NY Shopper (uncredited)

Kat Stroot as Witness to SUV accident (uncredited)

Steven Weisz as Man on Street (uncredited)

Marc Yarrish as Hell's Angel (uncredited)

Bill Anagnos as Stuntperson

Chris Barnes as Stuntperson

Bobby Beckles as Stuntperson

Christiana Blain as Stuntperson

Jay Boryea as Stuntperson

Jill Brown as Stuntperson

Jared Burke as Stuntperson

Nicole Callender as Stuntperson

John Cenatiempo as Stuntperson

Victor Chan as Stuntperson

Kevin Chase as Stuntperson

Bob Colletti as Stuntperson

George B. Colucci Jr. as Stuntperson

Blaise Corrigan as Stuntperson

William Cote as Stuntperson

Douglas Crosby as Stuntperson

Mario D'Leon as Stuntperson

Geoffrey Dowell as Stuntperson

Jeffrey Lee Gibson as Stuntperson

Andy Gill as Stuntperson

Judy Hou as Stuntperson

Cal Johnson as Stuntperson

Jeffrey D. Knott as Stuntperson

Curtis Lyons as Stuntperson

Carmel Macklin as Stuntperson

Stephen Mann as Stuntperson

Paul Marini as Stuntperson

Ian McLaughlin as Stuntperson

Robert McDougall as Stuntperson

M. J. Melillo as Stuntperson

Kimberly Shannon Murphy as Stuntperson

Stephen A. Pope as Stuntperson

Jeremy Sample as Stuntperson

Christie Sanders as Stuntperson

Terry Serpico as Stuntperson

Keith Siglinger as Stuntperson

Tim Smith as Stuntperson

Brian Smyj as Stuntperson

Shawnna Thibodeau as Stuntperson

Aaron Vexler as Stuntperson

Caroline Vexler as Stuntperson

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