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The Naked Gun

From The Files of Police Squad!


Released 1988

David Zucker = Director

Robert K. Weiss = Producer

John D. Schofield = Associate Producer

Kevin M. Marcy = Associate Producer

Jerry Zucker = Executive Producer

Jim Abrahams = Executive Producer

David Zucker = Executive Producer

Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin

Priscilla Presley as Jane Spencer

Ricardo Montalban as Vincent Ludwig

George Kennedy as Ed Hocken

O. J. Simpson as Nordberg

Susan Beaubian as Mrs. Nordberg

Nancy Marchand as Mayor

Raye Birk as Pahpshmir

Jeannette Charles as Queen Elizabeth II

Ed Williams as Ted Olsen

Tiny Ron as Al

'Weird Al' Yankovic as 'Weird Al'

Leslie Maier as 'Weird Leslie'

Winifred Freedman as Stephie

Joe Grifasi as Foreman

Tony Brafa as Enrico Pallazzo

Lorali Hart as Woman on Ledge

Nicholas Worth as Thug #1

Ronald G. Joseph as Thug #27

Doris Hess as Nurse #2

Charlotte Zucker as Dominique

Larry Pines as Drug Dealer #1

Tom Dugan as Drug Dealer #2

Burton Zucker as Photographer

David Katz as Arafat

Robert LuJane as Khadafi

Charles Gherard as Khomeini

Prince Hughes as Idi Amin

David Lloyd Austin as Gorbachev

Ken Minyard as Ken &

Robert Arthur as Bob

Greg Breslau as Man Deleted from Fireworks Scene

Sharon Breslau as Woman Deleted from Fireworks Scene

Reggie Jackson as Angels Right Fielder

Michael J. Montes as Angels Shortstop

Charles Fick as Angels Catcher

Lawrence Tierney as Angels Manager

Hank Robinson as First Base Umpire

Joe West as Third Base Umpire

Jay Johnstone as Seattle First Up

Randy Harvey as Seattle Pitcher

Brett Bartlett as Seattle Centerfielder

Dennis Packer as Baseball P.A. Announcer

Dick Vitale as Baseball Announcer

Dick Enberg as Baseball Announcer

Jim Palmer as Baseball Announcer

Mel Allen as Baseball Announcer

Curt Gowdy as Baseball Announcer

Tim McCarver as Baseball Announcer

Dr. Joyce Brothers as Baseball Announcer

Don Woodard as Reporter at Airport - 'There he is!'

Christopher J. Keene as Policeman at Docks

- 'Please disperse, Please disperse,'

Mary Norman as City Hall Official

- 'Here, you can use my radio mike.'

Susan Breslau as Passerby - 'Hey, look out!'

Rick Seaman as Truck Driver - 'Ya dumb broad!'

Fredric Arnold as Passerby - 'Hey! What's the meaning of this!'

Ron Tank as Reporter - 'Mayor, will there be any additional security officers

added to the police force during the Queen's visit!'

Mallory Sandler as Nurse - 'Oh, Dr. Alfred,

I have Mr. Kepley's chart if you're ready to go over it.'

Edwina Moore as Usher - 'Mr. Pallazzo. our head usher

will be here in two minutes to take you onto the field.'

Jeff Wright as Head Usher - 'Mr. Pallazzo! Will you come with me!'

Jim Smith as Janitor - 'Sorry, fellas.'

Mark Holton as Spectator - 'It's Enrico Pallazzo!'

Jane Couris as Spectator - 'You killed him!'

Jacqueline Barrymore as Girl with Flowers (uncredited)

Arthur Lamont Berger as Woman Hugger at Stadium (uncredited)

Maureen Flaherty as Woman (uncredited)

David Gale as Man on dais at Queen's Reception (uncredited)

John Houseman as Driving Instructor (uncredited)

Stuart Lancaster as Press Conference Toilet Voiceover (uncredited)

Conrad E. Palmisano as Hijacked Taurus Driver (uncredited)

Brinke Stevens as Brunette Woman in Showers (uncredited)

Sydney Urshan as Man Pushing Nordberg's Wheelchair (uncredited)

USC Trojan Marching Band as Marching Band (uncredited)

Robert K. Weiss as Park Hot Dog Vendor (uncredited)

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